Sitecraft Programmed Care

    Sitecraft offers a range of flexible service solutions to ensure your materials handling equipment is operating at maximum efficiency and reliability with substantial cost savings for our valued customers.

    We offer optimum performance and lower total cost of ownership through programs tailored to your business needs.

  • Scheduled Service; This covers all the essential inspection and maintenance procedures recommended by the equipment manufacturer. This popular program is a planned service schedule without a contract. Regular scheduled service is based on equipment type, application and frequency of use. We will inspect and maintain your important handling equipment which will help minimize unexpected breakdowns and down times. This includes;
  • Essential maintenance and inspections
  • Critical performance checklist including electrical, hydraulic and mechanical systems
  • Check and lubricate moving parts
  • Check operation of all safety systems
  • Record all service records electronically for future review

  • Planned Maintenance; Complete maintenance program for total peace of mind, providing an agreed service schedule over one to five years. Service intervals can be quarterly, bi annual or annually, depending on work environment and intensity of service. This will ensure safe and highest levels of performance and reliability. This includes;
  • Includes regular scheduled service and all routine maintenance repairs
  • Includes a set of common wear parts and consumables such as hydraulic fluid and lubricants
Sitecraft Programmed Care
Sitecraft Programmed Care
Sitecraft Programmed Care