Sitecraft Stainless Steel Dumpmaster Bin Tipper


  • Food-grade high speed hydraulic bin lifter from Simpro, with polished stainless steel construction and a modular design which allows it to empty almost any type of bin, at almost any height.
  • Suits the requirements of hygiene-critical industries such as food processing and pharmaceutical manufacturing. Changes include a polished stainless-steel finish to prevent the growth of micro-organisms, rounded external surfaces for ease of cleaning, and uprated ingress protection to permit high-pressure washdowns.
  • Safe, reliable, cost-effective and easy to use. No matter how it is used, the SS Dumpmaster has proven to be safe, reliable and economical to operate, year after year.
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    Options and Accessories

  • ► Uprated specifications to comply with machinery safety standards such as ISO13849 and AS/NZS4024, up to Cat4/PLe level
  • ► Power supply: battery, 1-phase mains, 3-phase mains, or compressed air
  • ► Custom cradles to suit virtually any type of container, cart, bin, box or drum
  • ► Dockmaster variant, for emptying bins from elevated loading docks and platforms.
  • ► Custom safety door: left-hinge, right-hinge, swing-up or roller door

    Options and Accessories

  • ► Autocycle controller with adjustable timing
  • ► Digital scales for weighing bins (not trade certified)
  • ► Custom control locations, such as door-mounted, pendant, or remote controls
  • ► Emergency Stop button(s)
  • ► PET-G guarding
  • ► Operator Guard (splash shield)
  • ► Foot Guard
  • ► Bin Hook Kit
  • ► Tipping chutes


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