Sitecraft’s Happy Customers

The Way Community

The Way Community would like to extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to Sitecraft for your generous donation of the Clax Cart to our organisation today.

The Way Community is a small organisation that exists to provide flexible support to the homeless. Primarily we are known for our residential community, where older men who have suffered from a long history of homelessness, mental illness and substance abuse are provided with a supportive home.

In addition we also run an extensive outreach program targeted for those living in the local area that need assistance in connecting with existing services, have difficulty keeping appointments or have ongoing accommodation issues. We go to places where access is difficult for mainstream services and help out with everyday matters such as meals, hygiene, clothes washing, prescriptions and managing money. We connect with our outreach clients regularly, which enables us to respond quickly if their health or accommodation is in jeopardy.

Volunteers and staff help out with day-to-day household tasks and navigating medical appointments and other support services, while being part of a friendly and caring community. This sense of community is key to The Way Community’s ability to support those who often struggle to access other services because of their isolation, lack of confidence or extreme behaviour.

One of the most sought after services we provide, is the nutritious hot meals that are provided to us from St Vincents hospital. Your kind gift of the Clax Cart will enable our volunteers and staff to collect and safely transfer daily meals from St Vincents Hospital to our premises.
Again Thank You, It is through kind gifts such as yours that we at The Way Community are able to continue to provide our services to some of Melbourne’s most disadvantage and marginalised people.
– Jill Sealey | Coordinator
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