Solar Powered Wheelie Bin Tipper

Support Green Energy  The industry leading bin tipper from Sitecraft is now available with a solar power option. Solar power is clean electricity from the sun. Currently most electricity comes from generators that burn coal. Only about 9% comes from renewable sources such as the sun, water and wind. Renewable energy is electricity which produces no net greenhouse emissions. It is a sustainable energy source that is cost effective and efficient.

The Dumpmaster wheelie bin tipper offers many advantages for commercial and industrial waste handling. Dumpmaster is well known for its ability to lift bins straight upwards and then gently roll the bin to empty the contents into a skip or hopper. Using the Dumpmaster not only helps achieve OH & S objectives but saves time and increases productivity. For outdoor use you can get even more functionality with the availability of a solar panel option. This is ideally suited to application where there is no other power sources available. Solar power is clean, green, safe and cost effective.

Standard Features

The Sitecraft Dumpmaster, offers three to four regular tipping heights, from 700, 1200, 1500 and 1800 mm. Custom heights can be manufactured to meet your specifications. A range of cradles are available to match your bin and tipping requirements.

Regular power sources include 1-phase, 3-phase, battery or compressed air for use in hazardous environments. The power runs a motor that operates the hydraulic pump. Hydraulics provide smooth operation with controlled lifting pressure and speed. The operating instructions and the emergency stop are located at eye level, within easy reach.

The hot-dip galvanized frame and zinc-plated welded wire mesh guard system add to the durability and safety of the bin lifter system. The wheelie bin tipper can be bolted to flooring with lugs or used on castors for mobile operations. The castor system includes two locking brakes.

Dumpmasters are available with full stainless-steel construction or select stainless components for harsh environments or critical hygiene applications. Bin lifters offer up to 250kg of lifting capacity, a 300kg capacity can be selected with modifications. Additional options include frame-mounted chutes, bin hooks, scales and dual covers.

Solar Panel Power

The Dumpmaster wheelie bin emptier can now be fitted with a solar panel to provide power when no regular electric service is available. Any bin lifter used in an outdoor environment can be powered with direct sunlight. Up to 30 bins per day can be emptied using the power of the sun. The system also enables you to remain in operation in the event of power failures.

Your Dumpmaster wheelie bin tipper still provides all of the safe, reliable operation you have come to count on. Now you can enjoy the benefit of solar power to keep working in any situation. Contact the team at Sitecraft on 1300 363 152 for more information or go to

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