Stainless Steel Cleanroom Vacuum


A major Food Manufacturer had large stainless steel trolleys full of ingredients that are moved up to 30 meters from various conveyor lines to the mixing area. The trolleys weighed up to 700kg when full and the company has had claims from shoulder injuries sustained by repeated pushing of heavy trolleys.

The Staff needed a solution that was fast, effort free, safe, able to be washed down after use, and that could be used continuously for three shifts over a 24 hour period.

At present the staff would manually push the 700kg trolleys to and from the mixing areas.




vacuum_attachment vacuum_attachment


(Create concept / consulted with manufacturers / solved design issues) We attended the site to receive the first brief and finalise the criteria that had to be met. After this a quote was provided. The staff were still sceptical that the vacuum attachment would work.   Sitecraft then provided a written guarantee that the attachment would completely satisfy the requirements.

The client was satisfied, and purchased one unit for a three week trial. Sitecraft then supplied the Tow Tug, and a Consultant attended their site in regional Victoria to program the Tow Tug to suit their working environment. Once the trial was completed the customer let Sitecraft know that the unit had performed far above their expectations, and that they would be placing an order for a further five units.



We provided the customer with a solution that is unique to the market, a stainless steel tow tug, with removable batteries and a vacuum attachment. This combination perfectly meets the criteria set out by the customer. The removable batteries meant that when one was being used, other batteries could be charging. This allowed for constant operation of the unit over 24 hours. The vacuum attaches the tow tug to the trolleys with the press of a button, and is a very quick and safe way to transport stainless steel trolleys. The operators now no longer have to push the 700kg stainless steel trolleys at all. The tow tug is small and compact, and takes all manual handling out of the process. The tow tug also provides the operators with a safer working environment as the bins can be stopped very quickly with the tow tugs braking system.