4-Wheel Steer Trailer – Up to 9000Kg Capacity

Product features

Code: 66241001

Sitecraft’s line of towable four wheel steer trailers and carts lead the industry in reliability, durability and innovation. Each trailer’s steering linkage is designed and calibrated for proper steering geometry to ensure true tracking. Drop forged couplers and hitches link multiple trailers into a towable train, each trailer precisely follows the preceding through the plant for efficient delivery of materials. Our carts provide years of utility with robust designs rolling on the industry’s most durable wheels. 

  • Loading Capacity: 900Kg to 9000Kg
Code DescriptionLoad Capacity (kg) Price
66241001 900Kg Four-Wheel-Steer Trailer 900  Click here for quick price enquiry
66241002 2200Kg Four-Wheel-Steer Trailer 2200  Click here for quick price enquiry
66241003 4500Kg Four-Wheel-Steer Trailer 4500  Click here for quick price enquiry
66241004 9000Kg Four-Wheel-Steer Trailer 9000  Click here for quick price enquiry