As businesses increasingly have to do more with less, issues like downtime, accidents and costly maintenance become an unacceptable drain on efficiency. While some manufacturers look for ways to cut corners to boost profits, our engineering team pursues new innovations and technologies to push the safety and performance limits of our vehicles.

AC / Direct Drive Motor

Asynchronous, high-efficiency motor with temperature and speed sensors

  • Maintenance-free brushless electric motor
  • Higher possible speeds & better torque at low speeds
  • Better control allowing for full motor performance
AC Controller & Display

AC controller with sealed connector paired with multifunction display

  • Precise speed control
  • Indicators for speed, battery state of charge, hour meter, odometer, fault warnings
  • Password-protected parameters
  • Monitoring capability
Differential & Brakes

Aluminum and galvanized steel differential with ground-tooth gears and drum brakes

  • Extremely durable, quiet & efficient
  • High-capacity tapered roller bearings & splined drive shafts allow use of transaxles in high-performances vehicles
  • Higher braking torque & less brake drag
  • Electromagnetic parking brake with manual hand release for towing


Benefit from greater efficiency, a longer lifespan and less noise. In a synchronous drive belt system, failure is often caused by stress on ageing components, and power is wasted due to all the moving parts. With our high-performance direct drive system, the motor is bolted directly to the differential—resulting in a simpler, more robust construction. With fewer parts to vibrate, stretch, break, etc.

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