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Sitecraft electric compact mobile lifters come in a range of configurations and sizes to suit the needs of many industries – from pharmaceutical and retail to warehousing and manufacturing.

Electric Mobile Lifter

Businesses that transport heavy goods in the workplace need versatile, mobile and reliable lifting trolleys. Sitecraft electric compact mobile lifters come in a range of configurations and sizes to suit the needs of many industries – from pharmaceutical and retail to warehousing and manufacturing.

From Melbourne packing facilities to Brisbane offices, mobile lifters offer a great solution to the ergonomics of the lifting of bulky items. This style of the electric lifter is ideal for use as a reel lifter when coupled with the necessary attachments. Sitecraft Materials Handling Electric Scissor Lifter range includes stainless steel lifters that can be customised to suit your powered lifter needs. They can come fitted with a lifting platform which can be interchanged with optional reel lifting attachments. If you are in the market for an electric lifter, Sitecraft has the expertise to be able to help you!

Lifting Equipment & Lifting Trolleys For Brisbane, Sydney & Melbourne Businesses

The Compact Lifter is fitted with a powered clamp and rotate attachments, which provide ultimate ergonomic support. These lifter clamps, lift and rotate loads at the push of a button. The shaped rubber clamping pads provide a safer way to secure the load, and the built-in torque limiter ensures the load is clamped tightly and securely. These safety features help to minimise the risk of damage to the load through crushing.

These versatile lifters are ideal for applications where containers such as plastic drums, cardboard drums and stainless steel vessels need to be emptied in clean-room environments. The ability of the lifters to be fitted with interchangeable clamping pads adds to the flexibility, meaning they can be used for more than one application. The powered clamp and rotate attachments are manufactured to customer specifications, so whatever your application, a purpose-built solution can be provided. These are widely used for handling reels and coils of paper and film, used in packaging and printing operations.

The Logistic Stainless Steel Battery Lifter is widely used for lifting and tipping drums and vessels, as well as handling rolls and coils. These can be supplied with specialised custom-built attachments, allowing for the safe handling of a wide variety of goods. Winch Operated Handtruck Lifters are widely used to assist in lifting and moving heavy loads.

Mobile Scissor Lift Trolleys

The Logistic scissor lift trolley comes with a foot-operated hydraulic operation and a positive braking system on its rear wheels. These features make it a very convenient, safe and versatile hydraulic mobile lifting trolley and material handling device for manufacturing and warehouse use. Scissor lift trolleys have sealed bearing wheels for added durability and cleanliness. They are also available in stainless steel construction, making them ideal for hospitals, libraries, and loading docks.

Stable movement

When loads are too heavy to be carried by hand, workers need a fast and simple solution that will cause minimum risk of damage to goods and also reduce manual handling injuries. The Hallins Lifter is capable of bearing loads up to 250kg, and an aluminium lifting column that provides extra strength and stability. The powder-coated steel frame allows employees to quickly and carefully navigate work areas, lifting materials to a height of 1.5 metres. This frame also provides a stable transport solution.

The Hyloader Multilift is a powered lifter that has a 12-volt, 18-amp per hour battery. This means it can run through 180 lift cycles on just one charge. The Econolift Aluminium Lifter is another electric lifting device that has a 240-volt charging plug and a built-in alert to tell users when the battery is running low, while the Electric Table Lifter has an automatic battery charger built into the frame. This means employees can continue their lifting work uninterrupted, improving general workplace productivity.

Clean and simple

Employees need a sturdy and clean lifter to transport food and hygiene products. Our 150kg and 300kg stainless steel lifters resist chemicals and are ideal for the hygienic relocation of products. These electric lifters have a polyethylene load lifting platform, which makes them sturdy and easy to clean. These lifters are also CE-approved and have a small environmental footprint, making them excellent products for the modern workplace.

Attachment versatility

Most workplaces that frequently move large amounts of stock have to deal with items of varied shapes and sizes, including cartons, drums, reels, buckets and rolls. Sitecraft stocks a variety of standard attachments for electric mobile lifters that meet these varied needs. Any of these electric lifting devices can be fitted with single or twin horizontal spindles. These are designed to carry rolls, while rotary trays, clamps, platforms and jib arms are useful for moving a wider range of materials.

Our in-house engineering team frequently design customised solutions and attachments utilising these electric lifting devices. Adding an attachment can easily transform your electric mini lifter into a plastic reel lifter or a paper roll lifter.

Servicing Australia-wide, from Brisbane to Melbourne

If you’d like assistance selecting an electric compact lifter or need help sourcing another handling solution, the Sitecraft industry experts are available to answer any queries. We also stock a range of manual scissor lift trolleys for businesses that don’t necessarily need an electric mobile scissor lift platform.

Whatever your lifting equipment needs, you can rely on Sitecraft to provide suitable materials handling and lifting solutions. For more information on our electric lifters and scissor lift trolleys, call us today on 1300 363 152. Sitecraft provides an Australian-wide service with offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. We’re happy to respond to any questions about our diverse range of products and discuss how they can help your business.

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