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Clax Cart & Court Trolley

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Clax Cart Folding Trolley

Sitescraft Australia sells the popular Clax Cart Trolley, which is often referred to, as the Clax Cart Folding Trolley. This popular trolley is widely used in office environments, retail stores, schools and hospitals. Manufactured from highly durable injection moulded plastic and aluminium, this folding trolley is lightweight and incredibly durable.

Clax Cart Trolley Features

Features of the Clax Cart Folding Trolley include two large platforms that can carry a variety of materials, ranging from office equipment and stationery, right through to medical products. The Clax trolley for sale is also supplied with one plastic folding box, which straps to the trolley’s tray. Additional plastic boxes are also available for purchase.

The folding Clax Trolley includes a foot brake that makes it very safe and convenient to operate. The Clax cart can be folded quickly for easy storage and transport, and also features removable wheels for additional space-saving storage. Apart from the convenience of being a folding trolley, the Clax cart trolley is also extremely robust. Of notable importance is the fact that the trolley’s lightweight construction makes it incredibly popular for many diverse uses.

Court Trolley / Solicitors Trolley

Sitecraft’s court trolleys are widely used by the legal profession because they can safely and efficiently carry court and legal documents. The court trolley is used to carry the solicitor’s documents and files. Because of this, they are sometimes labelled a solicitors trolley or lawyers trolley. These versatile court trolleys also feature 3 levels to accommodate lever arch files, with the 2 upper shelves able to be folded to allow archive boxes to be stacked for easy and safe transport. They can be purchased with either 200 mm diameter solid or pneumatic wheels. An optional wet weather cover is available for outdoor use.

Things to consider when buying a trolley

Important considerations you will need to consider when purchasing a trolley include; The push/pull forces that are sustained by a worker must be kept within safe limits. Consideration should be given to the actual environment the trolley will be operating in and the type and weight of loads being moved. The floor surface should also be considered along with any ramps or gradients. This will affect the push, pull forces the operator will experience.

Buy the Clax folding trolley or court/solicitors trolley now!

Sitecraft always carries the Clax Cart Folding Trolley and the court trolley or solicitors trolley in stock. This enables us to offer fast delivery to our valued customers.

For Melbourne customers, our address is 17 Macquarie Drive, Thomastown. We also have sales offices in Sydney and Brisbane. This allows us to provide exceptional service to our important clients, Australia wide. If you’d like to learn more, call our industry experts today, on 1300 363 152.

View our innovative Clax Cart Court Trolley and our complete range of heavy duty trolleys to find the perfect solution for your material handling needs.

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