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Electric Powered Pallet Jacks and Trucks

Sitecraft offers a comprehensive range of quality motorised pallet trucks and electric pallet jacks to choose from. We can meet the individual needs of businesses across Australia by supplying a broad selection of pallet lifters and movers.

This includes electric pallet jacks supplied in a variety of sizes and configurations that cater to the manual handling requirements of almost any industry, including manufacturing, logistics, mining, defence, and retail operations.

Powered Pallet Trucks: It’s time to play it safe and go electric!

The prospect of business growth in the post-pandemic economy is an opportunity to re-think the pace and efficiency of materials handling. If a business uses a manual pallet jacks, for instance, the next step is to go electric.

Manual pallet jacks are ideal for light warehouse work or where moving heavy loads around the workplace is not a constant need. For anything more, upgrading to electrically powered pallet trucks is the answer.

Electric pallet jacks not only speed up work but reduce the risk of injury from relying on “muscle-power”. The risk is over-exertion from pushing or pulling, manoeuvring the load around obstacles, and trying to stop the truck at the delivery point without dislodging the load or colliding with workplace structures.

These tasks are among the common causes of musculoskeletal injuries which are 36 per cent all of workers compensation claims. They are costly and time-consuming injuries. Workers often undergo extended periods of rehabilitation before they can get back to work.

Latest research from Europe suggests employers must do much more to reduce the high incidence of such injuries.

The research found that the risk of injury from pushing, pulling, and lifting is up to three times higher than previously believed. The research says that a worker whose job involves intensive manual handling eg. operating a manual pallet truck loaded to 50 kg, is at serious risk of shoulder and elbow injuries and muscle tears. This affects workers who have been doing “unsafe” manual handling work for up to 10 years of work. The risk compounds every year and may have built up during work for many employers, without the worker showing any of sign of injury until it is too late.

An electric powered pallet jack can help eliminate this risk because there is little exertion in moving heavier loads at walking speed. They are unaffected by inclines. They roll over minor obstacles such as covers for services that would jolt manual pallet trucks to a sudden stop. That makes for more materials carried over greater distance and at greater speed and frequency.

The combination of the increased efficiency and safer operation of powered pallet trucks also creates flexibility in the workforce eg. transferring workers to other important tasks. This may contribute to the growth of a business.

Smaller workplaces where moving goods manually takes up limited worker time gain new capacity. As well, workers who don’t have the strength to operate a manual pallet truck will be able to control a electric pallet jack without difficulty or risk of over-exertion.

Check out our latest innovations, the all new S15 fully electric pallet jack. These provide an all-new user experience with compact design and advanced electronics. The long-lasting lithium-ion battery system maximises efficiency while minimising downtime. Talk to one of our industry experts about the all-new S15. Sitecraft provides an Australia wide service for electric pallet jacks for sale, with offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.



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