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When lifting heavy materials, sometimes the standard scissor lift trolley will not suffice. In these situations, an electric scissor lift trolley can relieve the burden of heavy lifting. Bending and lifting to pick up heavy objects can pose safety risks for employees in many industries, from veterinary clinics to manufacturing industries. To reduce the risk of injury and increase efficiency in the workplace, electric scissor lift trolleys are a useful solution.

Safe and soundless: Using some lifters in a busy office and warehouse environments can cause contamination risks and noise. The Sitecraft Powerlift trolley uses an IP 56 linear actuator, which means there is no oil within the product, reducing spill risks and the tainting of items on the trolley. The actuator also means the lifting process is precise and almost silent, which minimises workplace disruption.

Heavy lifters: Many medical and industrial employees must lift heavy equipment, which needs an appropriate method of transport. The battery-electric table lifter uses a hydraulic shaft to lift loads of up to 500kg, making it ideal for big jobs. A 12-volt battery charger and push-button operation add to the efficiency of this product.

Diverse surfaces: Many workplaces stock different types of materials, but one thing they all have in common is a need for stability. The Sitecraft high lift power trolley can be purchased with one of three platform surface materials – stainless steel, chequer plate or rubber. This allows employees to stack goods on an appropriate, stable surface to improve safety.

Mobility: A combination of swivel, swivel brake and rigid castors on the regular Sitecraft power trolley make it an ideal product for fast, mobile transport of heavy materials.


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