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Sitecrafts range of smart stackers are the only walkie stacker with a built-in height sensing system; radically improving safety and efficiency in your workplace. These innovative walkie stackers sensor detects the height of the load and automatically adjusts the fork position up or down to ensure maximum efficiency and operator safety. This feature offers significant benefits where ever product is manually loaded onto or taken off pallets.

How to use Sitecraft Walkie Stackers

Sitecraft Walkie Stackers are easy to operate. To load product onto a pallet, fully raise the forks then select auto down. Use the sensor adjustment dial to set the working height to a more comfortable level. Place the first carton or package immediately in front of the sensor. The forks will automatically go down until the sensor sees the top of the carton. Finish stacking this layer then place the first item of the next layer in front of the sensor. Repeat one layer at a time until complete.

To unload the product off a pallet, pick up the full pallet then select auto up by pressing the top of the auto switch. Adjust the working level if required by turning the sensor adjustment dial. Once the top of the stackers is below the sensor height, the load will automatically rise to the pre-set level. Generally, the last item removed from each should be the one just in front of the sensor.

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The range of walkie stackers covers lift heights from 1 meter to 2.4 metres and weight capacities from 1 tonne to 2.5 tonnes. Custom sizes are also available on request.

Sitecraft walkie stackers are normally battery powered but can be mains powered, or even compressed air powered for use in hazardous areas. Other options include custom fork or outrigger configurations, full or partial stainless steel construction for hygiene critical areas. Self-propelled models are also available.

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