Logistec Hydraulic Lift Tables

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If you need a fast and simple solution that provides a minimum risk of damage to goods and a reduction in manual handling injuries, then you need to invest in a Logistec hydraulic lift table. These stable, sturdy and durable tools are available online from Sitecraft.

Designed to carry loads of up to 400kg, it’s the convenient alternative to a manual handling device that’s suitable for manufacturing and warehouse use. Made from stainless steel, these hydraulic lifting tables are also ideal for hospitals, food processing units, pharmaceutical industries and loading docks.

Elevate your workload efficiency with heavy-duty hydraulic lifting equipment

Our range of Logistec hydraulic lifts come with removable load platforms with a hydraulic foot pump or battery-powered operation, allowing for easy incremental load raising. Controlled lowering ensures a safe and secure operation. Three lift heights are available and all units are supplied with a Perspex safety shield for added peace of mind.

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Sitecraft is proud to be the premier hydraulic lifting equipment supplier in Australia, with distribution offices across the country, including Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. With fast dispatch of stock to your warehouse or worksite, we are committed to providing a service that matches our customer’s needs for a focused and streamlined approach to their business operations.

We offer end-to-end industry solutions that include trolley lifting equipment, pallet positioner, hydraulic lift platform trolleys and vacuum lifting equipment. Call us today on 1300 363 152 for a custom quote on your hydraulic lift table needs or for any other equipment you may require.

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