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Introducing Sitecraft’s range of quality Stock Trolleys and Platform Trolleys. One of the most common tasks of a retail worker is bringing out stock and putting it on the shop floor. The stock is usually boxed, oversized, and occasionally heavy, so carrying it out by hand can often be risky and inefficient. However, with the help of a stock trolley or platform trolley, retail workers are able to safely bring out more than one box at a time without putting themselves at risk. Sitecraft offers a quality selection of stock trolleys for sale online, perfect for supermarkets and department stores to small retail operations. With a variety of different trolley configurations and sizes available, we’re sure to have the ideal platform trolley to suit your business.

Store Trolleys for Sale  through our Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane offices

Discover Our Quality Range of platform trolleys and stock trolleys at affordable prices. As a leading Australian supplier of trolleys, you’ll find the perfect stock trolley for your workplace amongst the quality range available at Sitecraft. We offer numerous single deck and two tier six wheeled stock trolleys for sale, all manufactured from galvanised sheet metal and fitted with swivel castors and middle wheels for smoother, easier functionality. We also offer various stock trolley sizes, ensuring you won’t be stuck with a model that’s too big or small for your storeroom or floor space.

Sitecraft has three warehouses across Australia, which enables us to deliver to all parts of the country. If you’d like to improve processes in your store and reduce the risk of injury to employees or yourself, browse our stock trolley range and place your order with us today.

Sitecraft has offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Call us on, 1300 363 152 for a speedy quote.

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Explore our complete range of Stock Trolleys online or checkout our complete range of heavy duty trolleys suitable for a wide range of industrial, retail, and commercial applications.

For more storage solutions, see our online trolley catalogue, including order-picking trolleys, warehouse trolleys, and utility carts for efficient organisation.

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