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What are Container Ramps used for?

Shipping containers are reusable transport and storage containers for moving products and raw materials between locations or countries. There are about seventeen million intermodal containers in the world. As such, a solution is required to ensure efficient loading and unloading where and when needed. A container ramp is an ideal option, as it can serve as a bridge/ramp from the container floor to the ground. A container ramp enables forklifts, other small vehicles, and personnel to easily and efficiently load, or unload shipping containers as required.

Our Container Ramps are for sale.

The Sitecraft range of container ramps are supplied with an painted enamel finish over primed steel, ensuring lasting durability. This finish is beneficial if ramps are in constant use. Our best-selling container ramp is fitted with fork pockets. This ensures it can be lifted easily and placed where required by a forklift. Front flip-ups also ensure it’s easy to deploy and operate in tight workplaces.

Our most popular forklift ramp is the FCR forklift container ramp, designed to handle most applications. This versatile container loading and unloading ramp is designed to be an economical solution for the safe loading and unloading of goods from a shipping container.

The CRS-8 container ramp is designed for fast and easy positioning in confined places. It features fork pockets on each side of the forklift ramp allowing quick and easy positioning and removing the ramp. Securing safety chains are supplied to secure ramps to containers.

The CRL forklift container ramp features heavy-duty construction with a working load limit of 8000 kg. It features a 3000mm ramp length (1500mm at the top is horizontal), allowing easy pick up of the first pallet.

Loading dock ramps and loading dock plates are typically used in loading dock situations where there is a gap or height difference between the truck or container bed height and the loading dock.

Dock plates are generally used for lighter loads, such as warehouse trolleys, pallet trucks and pallet jacks.

Suppose you’d like assistance with selecting a container forklift ramp for sale or need help sourcing a handling solution. In that case, the Sitecraft industry experts are available to answer any queries you may have.

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We’re happy to respond to any questions about our extensive range of container unloading ramps. With warehouses in Melbourne, Brisbane, and Sydney, Sitecraft provide an Australia-wide service for the best-priced container ramps – as well as hand trolleys.

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