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Multi-purpose bin trolleys are used to transport bulky and awkward loads and are used widely in hospitals, laundries, manufacturing and warehouses. Sometimes these handy trolley devices are referred to as tub trolleys. Sitecraft bin trolleys are made of tough, impact-resistant polyethylene. This ensures the trolleys are durable and will provide long service life.

Tub or Bin Trolley Models

Sitecraft is a huge Australian supplier of trolleys, including bin and tub trolleys, order picking trolleys and hand trucks. With offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, as well as the option to buy trolleys online, purchasing the best bin trolley for your business could not be easier. Sitecraft’s tub/bin trolley models also include side ribbing to add a further layer of strength and durability, whilst also forming a useful handle for operators.

There’s also a wide range of options and configurations such as 220, 300 and 440-litre variants. The compact 220-litre model is perfect for moving small loads in confined spaces, such as laundry applications or in a medical or aged care facility. An extended base option is also included if necessary, raising the tub higher for ease of use. Recycling and refuse can also be handled with ease, due to the sturdy construction. On the topic of waste, feel free to view our dedicated Waste Management Solutions category. We oven offer bin tippers for sale.

Speak to Our Trolley Bin Suppliers in Australia 

If you’d like assistance with selecting a trolley or need help sourcing a manual handling solution, Sitecraft’s industry experts are available to answer any queries you may have.

Visit our Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane office, buy online or give Sitecraft a call on 1300 363 152.

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