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Warehouses often require flexible and cost-effective solutions to move goods and materials from ground floors to raised storage platforms and mezzanine floors. The Sitecraft range of mezzanine freight lifts (also known as mezzanine freight elevators) provides the ideal solution to your vertical movement needs. Used in distribution facilities, warehouses, auto dealerships, retail storage areas and many other environments, mezzanine lifts facilitate the increased use of vertical space in storage areas and make it easy to safely and quickly hoist goods from first floor levels to a raised floor. Goods hoist lifts can also be installed along the edge of the raised floor or in a specially cut hole in the mezzanine.

Sitecraft Mezzanine Freight Lifts

Buy a goods lift from Sitecraft and discover great benefits such as innovative design and easy installation and maintenance. Our mezzanine lifts or mezzanine freight elevators are durable, reliable and don’t require a floor pit or special floor foundations.

The simple installation process, combined with no requirement for a pit to be created, can often be a significant financial consideration for businesses requiring a hydraulic goods lift. Computer-aided designs (CAD) also mean the dimensions can be scaled as required, and they can be installed in factories, warehouses or even on mezzanine floors.

Workers will also have no trouble controlling these mezzanine lifts, as Sitecraft uses a new and intuitive system designed to raise the control standard in both form and function. PCB controls onboard also allow for the gathering of diagnostic feedback, which can then be used when it comes time for maintenance or service.

Always Here to Meet your Freight Lifting Needs

If you have a question about our mezzanine lifts or would like assistance with finalising your goods lift design, the industry experts at Sitecraft are available to answer any queries you may have.

We’re happy to talk you through our diverse range of capable products and how they can help your business. Talk to us today to obtain a free custom quote or general advice. With warehouses in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, simply call 1300 363 152.

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