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Versatip Wheelie Bin Tipper

The Australian-made Versatip Wheelie Bin Tipper | Wheelie Bin Lifter is designed to provide a reliable, quality and robust solution to allow a single operator to quickly, safely and effortlessly empty a variety of wheelie bins including 80 litre, 120 litre, 140 litre, 240 litre and 360 litre sizes. These versatile bin lifters are supplied widely to a to a broad range of industries including, waste & recycling, construction & civil, facility & strata management, education, mining, retail, aged care and healthcare.


The Versatip Wheelie Bin Lifter utilizes an electro-hydraulic powered tipping mechanism which enables a single operator to quickly, safely and efficiently empty wheelie bins at the push of a button, transforming an unpopular, challenging and potentially dangerous task into a breeze. The Versatip is available with either battery-electric, single phase or three phase power sources, battery electric operation is the most popular option due to its flexibility and versatility. The battery-electric model can be fitted with solar power charging as an option.


Operator safety was of paramount importance in the design of the Versatip and the following class-leading safety features have been included to ensure the safety of the operator whilst maintaining operational speed and efficiency:

  • Full-Height guarding including foot guards
  • Dual Hand controls ensures operator is in correct position during operation
  • Interlocked door which prevents the unit from being operated in event the door is open
  • Interlocked door will not open unless the lifting cradle has returned to the lowered position
  • Keyed On/Off switch to prevent unauthorized use of the bin tipper

The Versatip wheelie bin tipper has been designed and manufactured with the following features to optimize operator ergonomics and remove the manual handling risks traditionally associated with the emptying of wheelie bins.

  • The bin cradle returns to ground level, there is no need for bin to be lifted into bin tipper
  • The bin does not require strapping or restraints, it is securely held by the wheels
  • Full height door provides easy access for bin loading and unloading.
  • High quality castors with very low rolling resistance provide excellent and easy maneuverability
  • Two push handles at the rear of the machine provide the operator with a secure and ergonomic grip when moving unit.
  • Built-In Forklift Pockets all the safe and secure transportation of the bin lifter if required.

The Versatip Wheelie Bin Lifter is designed for use in industrial environments and is manufactured to be a robust, reliable and long serving piece of equipment. Designed and manufactured in Australia the VersaTip range is built with a focus on providing our customers with the safest and highest quality bin tipper on the market.

  • All metal components and guarding are either manufactured from galvanized sheet or zinc coated after fabrication and then powder coated to provide optimal corrosion resistance.
  • Electrical and Hydraulic components are high quality and sourced from reputable well-known suppliers
  • All fabrication, powder coating and assembly operations are carried out in our premises and followed by rigorous pre-delivery quality control processes.

For further information or an on-site demonstration please call our experienced sales team on 1300 363 152. With offices and distribution facilities in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, we provide an Australia-wide service to our customers.


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