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Cleanroom Equipment for Handling and Lifting

Sitecraft offers a wide range of material handling solutions suitable for use in cleanrooms and other industrial facilities where strict hygiene standards apply. Made from high-quality stainless steel, our cleanroom equipment meets all the industry-standards for sterile environments.

Our selection of cleanroom equipment includes:

  • Cleanroom bin tippers
  • Cleanroom pallet jacks / pallet trucks
  • Cleanroom lift stackers / load stackers
  • Cleanroom tow tugs


All Sitecraft cleanroom equipment is specifically designed for cleanroom or environmental chamber applications that demand a high-level of hygiene. Explore our range of cleanroom manual handling solutions to ensure consistent hygiene in your facility or workspace alongside more efficient and safer ways to handle and transport heavy loads.

Applicable Industries for Cleanroom Equipment

Sitecraft’s collection of cleanroom equipment is applicable to the following industries:

  • Food industry – In order to maintain food safety and reduce the likelihood of contamination during processing or packaging.
  • Pharmaceutical industry – To ensure a sterile environment for the safe production of medicines.
  • Semiconductor industry – To reduce the presence of dirt or other impurities that may corrupt or disrupt the production of properly functioning chips and semiconductors.
  • Medical industry – For use in minimising exposure to contaminants such as bacteria that pose risks to certain medical care and operating procedures.
  • Scientific & research industry – In obtaining clear test results.


The Importance of Cleanroom Handling Equipment

Cleanrooms are a necessary part of reducing the amount of foreign contaminants present in a production facility, in order to ensure high levels of quality. As such, every piece of equipment in a cleanroom must adhere to strict cleanliness standards — including tools used in transporting and handling loads.

Manual handling equipment is used with a variety of load types and thus is a potential touchpoint where remnants of transported materials can linger and pose a risk of contamination. According to industry requirements for cleanrooms in Australia, all equipment present must be impenetrable to micro-organisms, must not give off any dust and must be easy to clean.

Cleanroom handling equipment is specifically manufactured using stainless steel parts and incorporates mechanisms that reduce the need for lubrication. These features minimise the risk of contaminants, adding to the safety and hygiene of the facility.

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