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Welcome to Australia’s largest range of trolleys, hand trucks, sack trucks, trolley carts, single deck trolleys, and platform trolleys for sale. Buy a trolley from Australia’s leading trolley supplier and manufacturer. Hand trolleys and hand trucks are designed to make the transportation of goods and products in the workplace easier and safer. With warehouses in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, Sitecraft offers a nationwide service to our valued customers. Our industry experts will assist you in finding the right trolley solution that’s suitable for your particular material handling requirements. Manual handling aids include sack truck, folding trolley, hand truck and office trolley for the easy and safe movement of heavy appliances, furniture and chairs. You will find our material handling equipment used widely in many industries and applications, including warehouses, workshops, laundries, office, food, libraries, retail and manufacturing plants.

Buying an Industrial Trolley to Reduce Workplace Injuries?

Manual handling aids, such as trolleys and sack trucks are important tools in helping to reduce hazardous tasks that can lead to musculoskeletal injuries or MSD’s. A musculoskeletal disorder is an injury generally occurring overtime to the musculoskeletal system. This can also occur suddenly resulting from very strenuous activity or a sudden shock or unexpected force. We understand that appropriate use of warehous and order picking trolleys can reduce the risk of workplace injuries, including back injuries, sprains and sprains to muscles, damage to ligaments, nerves joints and bones. Office trolleys including office file trolley and folding office trolleys are widely used in office and commercial environments.

There are many hazardous tasks in the workplace that can result in these kinds of injuries. These tasks include repetitive work and movement, pushing or pulling heavy loads and exposure to vibration. Electric powered trolley are available to help reduce pushing and pulling injuries. Mechanical equipment and trolleys can help eliminate or reduce the need for workers to carry, lift and manipulate heavy loads. This includes turntables, forklifts, pallet trucks and jacks, conveyors and cranes.

We Offer Huge Range of Hand Trucks and Platform Trolleys

Warehouse trolleys and hand trucks in the workplace are widely used to transport and carry heavy loads. They are used in offices and administration areas for moving archive boxes, distributing mail and office files. Stainless steel trolley models are also used in the hospitality industry and foodservice applications. Sack trucks can be used for lifting and moving awkward and heavy items of furniture and vending machines. These can help eliminate the risks through manual handling. However, it is important to understand the inappropriate use or application of these, which could potentially create new safety risks or hazards. There can still be a risk of musculoskeletal injury if the manual handling device is used on steep slopes or used on stairs. In many cases, the greatest danger when operating trolleys is the horizontal force required to push or pull the device. With the most appropriate design and castor/wheel selection, very heavy loads can be moved safely and efficiently.

When using a trolley, research has demonstrated that pushing is preferable to pulling. When pulling equipment your own feet may be run over or toes squashed. Furthermore, pulling when walking backwards can cause other hazards such as tripping and falling. Studies have shown that most people can safely exert a greater force when pushing as opposed to pulling. Often because of the site/work situations pulling may be the only realistic option. Such situations should always be avoided if possible.

It helps to understand the forces at play during a typical push/pull operation of mobile equipment. Typically, when moving a laden trolley, there are four phases of force used in this task, as itemised below:

The Four Forces of Trolley Movement and Manipulation

Starting or initial force; Rolling or sustained force; turning force; and stopping or positioning force.

The initial or starting force in trolley movement is usually the greatest effort in the task. It is always greater than the force required to sustain a continuous movement. Once the initial momentum is gained the trolley operator usually does not need to exert much force. The only forces now are friction from physical interference from the trolley’s castors/wheels and irregularities in the floor surface. At the end of the travel route, the worker may simply allow the trolley to slow and come to rest. This requires minimal effort. If a sudden halt is required, this may expose the operator to harmful forces through hazardous posturing and muscle exertions. It is essential that a risk assessment is conducted for each mechanical aid introduced into the workplace.

WorkSafe WA has a helpful guide called Manual Task Solutions, which assists in the selection of the most appropriate equipment, including safe use of a trolley.

It is important when selecting a trolley, cart or hand truck, to consider the following criteria:

In the actual workplace environment and the workspace areas, manual handling tasks are required to be undertaken. Where possible the workplace should be arranged to help keep to a minimum any unnecessary multiple handling or transportation of goods over long distances. Storage and ease of transport is also important consideration when you are searching for the appropriate warehouse trolley to buy. Folding trolleys are useful where space is at a premium.

The specific task to be carried out and the mass and weight of the object that requires transportation. Planning should be undertaken to ensure the task or work avoids any unnecessary double handling.

Industrial Trolley Design Considerations

Work environment and any physical restrictions. The distance the load has to be transported should be carefully evaluated. For extended travels, a powered pedestrian tug should be explored. For intense and high use applications castor design and wheel compositions are critical factors for a successful, safe work outcome.
Pushing loads is always better than pulling as it requires less pressure on the lower back and allows the operator to utilise their own body weight to help move the load. It is also safer because there generally will be a better vision in relation to the direction of travel.
Floor conditions should also be investigated. The construction and quality of the floor surface will impact the push/pull effort required to move the load. Ramps and sloping walkways may require the use of mechanical assistance to assist in moving heavy goods up inclined gradients.

Regardless of the trolley you buy, load characteristics need to be carefully assessed. The actual weight of the goods to be carried will determine the type of equipment to be chosen. The load-bearing capacity of the castors should be checked to ensure both safe operation and long service life. If the equipment is to be used in sterile/hygiene environments such as pharmaceutical or food manufacturing, it will be necessary to specify stainless steel construction. The push handle height generally should be between 900 mm and 1000 mm. This will normally allow the workers’ hands to be positioned above waist height with elbows bent close to the body. Vertical push handles will allow operators of different heights to adjust hand position to the most comfortable position

Another consideration is the force required to stop a moving loaded cart. In demanding situations, the fitting of operator brakes can assist in making the slowing or stopping function safe and reliable.

Buy from Australia’s Biggest Range 

If you have been searching for platform trolleys for sale, please see our range of trolleys. We stock and supply a range of leading brands of hand trucks and trolleys, of various constructions, including stainless steel trolleys from around the globe. These include Rubbermaid Commercial Products, Prestar, Clax, Ruxxac, Logistec Handling Equipment, and Tiger Tuff. Sitecraft can also design and produce custom trolleys and trolley equipment in our new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. We also supply forklifts, pallet trucks, motorised pallet jack and wheels and castors.

The Clax Folding Cart

The popular Clax folding cart is now offered with Australia-wide free delivery when purchased from our online store. Often used in office, retail, school and hospital environments, this heavy-duty platform trolley is manufactured with quality materials including strong moulded plastic and aluminium. With features including a convenient foot brake, easy folding and storage, and removable wheels, the Clax cart is ideal for a wide range of applications.

Industrial Trolleys and Carts

Sitecraft is proud to stock a wide range of industrial carts and industrial-grade trolleys, including platform trolleys and the well-known Rubbermaid range of industrial products. This product range includes service/utility carts for foodservice and catering applications. These durable products are manufactured from tough moulded plastic and are resistant to rust and corrosion.

Warehouse Trolleys and Hand Trucks

Our warehouse trolleys are designed and manufactured for use in demanding industrial environments. They are available in either a durable powder-coat finish or in stainless steel construction. There’s also a wide variety of styles, configurations and load-carrying capacities to choose from. Pneumatic wheels are also available for use on uneven surfaces or rough terrain.

Powered Trolleys and Trolley Carts

With a strong focus on Occupational Health and Safety in Australia, our range of electric and powered trolleys provide a safe solution for many workplace problems. This is an ideal solution where there is the requirement to move heavy loads over extended distances. For moving much larger and heavier objects, we can also provide pedestrian powered tow tugs.

Stainless Steel Trolley Options

Sitecraft specialises in custom designed and manufactured stainless steel trolleys and trucks and equipment. These are for use in pharmaceutical, food manufacturing, medical and other demanding production environments. Durable and easy to clean, our stainless steel trolley equipment and truck products offer a hygienic solution for a wide range of applications.

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