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Spill Control Kits are essential in any warehouse that carries and transports liquids. Spill Control Kits are sometimes referred to as, Spill Kits or Spill Containment Kits. Factories, workshops and warehouses are especially prone to accidental spills, making it essential to have adequate spill control measures in place. Sitecraft stocks a wide range of spill control kits that are suitable for a variety of industries and applications. We can provide bucket kits, carry tub kits, small or large vinyl carry bag kits, economy kits, and the popular wheelie bin spill containment kits. All of our kits contain waste disposal bags and gloves, ensuring spills of fuel, oil and chemicals can be dealt with safely.

Wheelie Bin Spill Kits & Bucket Spill Kits

We stock wheelie bin spill kits that contain everything you need to absorb spills of either 120 or 240 litres. These include a number of items to contain and absorb liquid spills, including PPE and appropriate absorbents. We also stock portable tub, bucket and carry bag spill kits that can be used to contain smaller spills of up to 38 litres, perfect to keep in forklift trucks and service vans. For an economical option, we also stock economy kits that are affordable enough to be placed at regular intervals in a warehouse or factory, ensuring a fast response. These contain booms, pads and gloves that are suitable for handling small spills.

Mobile Super Bin Spill Kit

The mobile super bin spill kit is our ultimate solution for factories and warehouses. With the ability to absorb larger spills, this is the perfect mobile spill kit for industrial large incident control, ensuring spills are safely and adequately contained.

Need Spill Kit Advice?

At Sitecraft, we understand that buying the correct spill control kit is important. The Sitecraft industry experts are on-hand to provide quality professional advice. Simply call  1300 363 152 or visit our Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane warehouse distribution centres.

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