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Factory Cupboards & Cabinets

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Factories of all varieties have a range of machinery and tools that are to be stored securely. However, these items also need to be accessible for everyday use. Sitecraft’s wide range of sturdy cupboards and cabinets can meet this need.

Stationary stability

While bins are good for smaller, more portable storage purposes, sometimes a sturdy and permanent storage solution is more suitable for a factory. Sitecraft open bay shelves are adjustable so you can fit items in a range of different shapes and sizes. These shelves can bear as much as 120 kilograms, making them ideal for the storage of heavier tools and equipment. They also have adjustable feet so they stand solid on uneven floors.

Added security:

Work equipment can be valuable, which is why security in the workplace is important. Sitecraft stocks jumbo cabinets, which have reinforced doors and a three-point lock system. Users can also attach a padlock to this cabinet’s chrome handles, ensuring valuable products are secure. Galvanised steel security boxes offer another safe alternative for fewer items.

Easy access

In a busy factory, workers need to be able to get all the materials they need for a job in one stop. A metal louvre panel can come in handy for this purpose. It can be fitted with micro bins for quick access and optimal organisation. Pigeon hole units offer further small storage options.

Oversight options

Supervisors are nearly as integral to a factory’s operation as its machinery, but it can be a challenge for them to find the workspace they need to manage operations. Sitecraft lectern units offer storage space and a writing surface in one. There are also lecterns with rear wall space for those who need to write with source materials nearby.

If you’d like assistance selecting a factory cupboard or need help deciding on a different storage solution, Sitecraft industry experts are available to answer questions. We’re happy to respond to any queries about our diverse range of products and discuss how they can help your business. Talk to us today for a free custom quote. Alternatively, buy our products online for a simple and efficient purchasing experience.

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