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The spring-operated self-levelling pallet positioner and spring pallet leveller make manual loading and unloading palletised goods easier, safer and faster. The versatile spring pallet leveller is widely used in warehousing, manufacturing, packaging and logistic applications. Spring-activated pallet levellers are available in a durable powder coat finish and galvanised finish. The spring-actuated pallet lifter is available in stainless steel construction for clean room applications. The Logistec powder coat spring pallet positioner is our most popular unit and is made in Australia, and carries a 3-year warranty.

The spring actuated pallet levelling solutions you’ll see here add another solution to the common manual challenges when loading and unloading palletised products.

These springs can be calibrated to your specific load requirements. By automating the lifting process, your team will have what they need to cut precious time out of repetitive processes and push for a more efficient working mode.

How a spring pallet leveller can help reduce worker sprains and injuries.

Manual handling tasks in the workplace frequently lead to injuries and strain, primarily due to the abnormal positioning of the spine. Such activities stretch muscles and ligaments, triggering back pain and potential injury. The primary culprits are awkward posture, repetitive motions — particularly when lifting loads — and over-exertion.

Our range of spring pallet lift tables is designed to help eliminate the harmful repetitive motions of bending, reaching and twisting. The spring pallet leveller features a combination of heavy-duty springs along with a gas strut shock absorber. This automatically adjusts the top layer of the pallet to the safe lifting zone (shoulders to waist), helping reduce worker injury.

How does a Spring Actuated Lifter Work?

A solution like a spring-actuated pallet lifter can make all the difference. The spring pallet leveller features a robust and wide base providing stability and includes fork pockets for easy and quick relocation by forklift. Features like a rotating top allow the pallet to be rotated safely and efficiently through 360 degrees. This makes loading and unloading pallets safer, reducing the risk of twisting and reaching.

Features of our Pallet Spring Positioners and Levellers

The Spring-Loaded Pallet Positioner and Tilter also have a mobile kit that allows for easy relocation of the unit. The kit has an additional base frame, heavy-duty casters, and a removable towing handle. These items make relocation easy and safe, and each kit can be used to relocate multiple spring pallet lifters.

These innovative devices are widely used in manufacturing and production areas, packaging and assembly lines and general logistics applications.

Get in Touch with Sitecraft Today for Spring Pallet Lifters for sale.

At Sitecraft, we provide an extensive range of spring lifters to businesses across Australia. With offices and warehouses in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney, we can quickly supply spring pallet lifters for sale. If you need other material handling equipment, look no further. We also carry a range of trolleys, pallet lifters and tow tugs.

For further information, please reach out to one of our product specialists.

What factors should businesses consider when choosing spring lifters for their operations?

When acquiring spring lifters for operational use, here are some key considerations:

  • Load capacity — Select a spring pallet lifter with a load capacity that matches or exceeds the heaviest load you plan to handle.
  • Adjustability and flexibility — Look for spring pallet lifters that offer adjustable settings to cater to different load sizes and weights.
  • Ease of operation — A user-friendly design that allows for easy operation and manoeuvrability is crucial. This not only enhances efficiency but also reduces the likelihood of operator fatigue and associated injuries.
  • Build quality and durability — Opt for lifters constructed with high-quality materials capable of withstanding the rigours of your operations. At Sitecraft, we offer spring lifters made from durable materials like stainless steel and galvanised steel.
  • Cost — While cost is always a consideration, it should not compromise the quality, safety and functionality of the spring pallet lifter. Evaluate the total cost of ownership, including initial investment, maintenance and any potential add-on features.
  • Integration with existing equipment — If applicable, ensure the spring pallet lifter can be seamlessly integrated with other material handling equipment in your facility for a cohesive workflow.
  • Customisation options — Explore any customisation options that allow the spring pallet lifter to be tailored to your specific operational needs.
What are the recommended maintenance practices for spring lifters?

Here are some practical maintenance steps you can take to care for your spring pallet lifters:

  • Routine inspection — Periodically check for any signs of wear, damage or loose components. Ensure that all moving parts are functioning smoothly, and the springs are in good condition.
  • Lubrication — Regularly lubricate all moving parts to reduce friction and wear, which in turn extends the life of the lifter.
  • Cleanliness — Keep the lifter clean from dirt, debris and any other substances that could interfere with its operation.
  • Timely repairs — Address any identified issues or damage promptly to prevent them from escalating. This includes replacing worn or damaged parts.
  • Adherence to load limits — Always follow specified load capacity limits to prevent overloading, which can cause damage or compromise safety.
  • Adequate training — Ensure that all operators are properly trained on the correct use and maintenance of the spring pallet lifter to prevent misuse.
  • Documentation — Keep a maintenance log to track inspections, repairs and servicing. This can provide valuable insight into the lifter’s condition and maintenance needs over time.
What are the differences between powder-coated, galvanised steel and stainless steel spring pallet lifters, and how do I choose based on material?

Each of these materials comes with unique properties:

  • Powder-coated — The coating provides a durable and aesthetically pleasing finish, protecting the lifter from corrosion and scratches. It’s suitable for indoor use or in less harsh environments.
  • Galvanised steel — Galvanised steel has a protective zinc coating that offers robust corrosion resistance, making it ideal for more challenging or outdoor environments.
  • Stainless steel — Stainless steel is highly resistant to corrosion stains and is extremely durable, ideal for sterile environments such as food processing or pharmaceutical industries.

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