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Sitecraft’s range of Untouchable Containers and Tops has been specially designed for use in public places like hotels, offices, malls and airports etc. These untouchable waste containers are available in half-round, square and round options to fit applications. They are crack resistant, strong and sturdy and can be used indoors and outdoors.

Recycling bins & waste bins for any application

Sitecraft’s range of waste containers are available in round, half-round and square styles to fit every application. Made up of quality material these containers are highly durable and have a long life. These are crack resistant and are equally efficient in both indoor as well as outdoor work conditions.

We offer Soft Waste Baskets and Glutton Recycling Station from Rubbermaid. They have rolled rims and strength which make them very easy to clean. The soft wastebaskets can fit under any standard desk. The glutton recycling station doesn’t require the lids to be removed during emptying and therefore reduces effort and hazards.

The soft baskets have been specially designed for convenient desk-side waste management. These are available in capacities ranging from 7.7 litres to 26.6 litres. Our recycling station comes with easy to empty centre hinge that allows the lid to be opened on either side for easy access to waste.

We offer an extensive range of Recycling Bins & Containers from Rubbermaid that includes Recycled Boxes and Slim Jim Trolleys. These are ideal for use in areas of high paper generation, such as near copiers, printers and mailrooms.

The Recycling Boxes come with built-in handles that make them perfect for curbside recycling collection. These are UV stabilised and thus add to the safety of the workers and the workplace. You can easily stack them in congested work environments. We also deal in Slim Jim Trolleys that prove to be an ideal refuse and maintenance equipment in a variety of work environments.

The Slim Jim Containers and Lids come with the trusted name of Rubbermaid and are available in a variety of configurations to suit your individual needs. They are made with industry standards and because of their compact sizes are very useful in confined spaces. They come with bin liner cinches which improve the efficiency of changing liners. They are available in black, grey, green, blue and beige colours.

We also offer the highly durable Slim Jim Trolley from Rubbermaid that you can use to link multiple containers to reduce the number of collection trips. The stainless steel dolly is fitted with plastic castors that are chemical and corrosion-resistant.

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