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Xetto is a true multi-purpose system. It’s a solution to efficient and safe materials handling across all industries.

The eternal problem: efficiency vs safety in materials handling

In the modern workplace, materials handling is a way of life. The aim of all materials handling processes and procedures is to make them as efficient as possible while giving the operator and fellow workers peace of mind in terms of safety. The Xetto system rests on 160mm, 360° rotatable casters that can pass over uneven terrain, curbs, and ledges as high as 25mm. As a powered system, it also has integrated brakes to prevent undue rolling. Xetto systems are also key-operated, preventing unauthorised use.

Xetto: electrohydraulic and kinematics means effortless transport

The core of the Xetto system is its revolutionary ability to lift loads into its bay. It can “climb under” loads of a sill height of up to 800mm, stowing itself underneath the cargo and lifting it away. This requires minimal intervention from the user. The innovation is in its electrohydraulic and kinematic lift system, which can also extend out of the vehicle and create a solid platform for itself that facilitates convenient unloading at the desired endpoint. Again, this does not require effort on the user’s part.

The Xetto solution for all industries

The Xetto lift system is suitable across all industries; even those that one does not normally associate with rigorous manual handling. Xetto can also serve as a mobile workshop assistant and workbench, which can reduce the need for purchasing additional workbenches made of varying materials. This can also speed up workflows.

The Xetto’s ability to navigate steep ledges and unwieldy obstacles also make it the perfect partner for the entertainment and hospitality industry. Equipped with non-porous surfaces, the Xetto can also be used in catering and food delivery, coffee machine lifting and handling.

The Xetto smart lifter can also be equipped with airline-style lashing straps and netting to protect smaller items. Users can also attach an aluminium ramp for rollable loads and an extra foot to prevent tipping while working at heights over 1.07m.

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