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Mega Bins, Export Pallet Bin Solutions

At Sitecraft Australia you can buy Mega Bins, Export Pallets and Pallet Bins online or from our Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane warehouses. When it comes to handling large quantities of stored goods, there are many risks that can occur. Unhygienic, unsafe storage bins and pallets are an accident waiting to happen, with repercussions for any company working with these materials.

Goods stored in bulk are also a hazard for those working nearby, especially if stored ineffectively. In this situation, companies need solutions that are not only easy to use but are also durable enough to handle any product handling job.

Fortunately, Sitecraft has a range of commercial pallet bins, export pallets and mega bins for sale. And, they’re all designed to meet your needs across any bulk material or product, with options including bulk bins, export pallets and mega bins.

Export Pallets and Mega Bins

For pallets and other large objects, consider investing in a series of Vipallets, heavy-duty enviropal pallets, or export pallets. These have a durable plastic design which makes them perfect for handling products like foodstuffs that might be contaminated by wooden alternatives.

For storing looser items, Sitecraft also has a range of different pallet bin solutions. These high-quality pallet bins are designed to hold a large number of materials, and there is a range of designs available to suit every need. These mega bins can also easily stack or nest, depending on the model chosen, making storage easy. Some bins can also fold down, making them easier to use and handle within a warehouse or other storage environment.

Easy to use Mega Bins and Pallet Bins

All of our mega bin, export pallet and pallet bin products are designed to be used with a forklift. As a result, they feature access for forks and sturdy construction, making them easy to handle in a busy working environment. Our bulk bins also provide a safe storage solution for bulk goods, helping to minimise potential hazards.

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If you’d like assistance selecting a bulk handling bin, or just need help sourcing a handling solution, the Sitecraft industry experts are available to answer any queries you may have. We’re happy to respond to any questions about our diverse range of capable products, including our popular bulk handling bins, and explain how they can help your business.

Call us today on 1300 363 152 for a free custom quote or general advice. You’re also able to buy our bulk handling bin products online, making the process incredibly simple.

While you’re here, view the massive range of plastic storage containers available from Sitecraft Australia.

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