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Sitecraft offers a useful product named Bench Tanks. With a perforated plate, the Bench Tanks are ideal for cleaning small parts in solvent. The perforated plate is designed in a way that it can be pressed down and returned to its original position. The process is quite simple. First, place work on a spring-loaded, perforated dasher plate. Next step, press down and agitate. Then, release to return dasher to drain position.

The tough powder paint finish makes Bench Tanks strong and long-lasting. The plated steel is designed to effectively arrest flame, while the hinged cover keeps the evaporation loss at a minimum.

We provide Rinse Tanks and Waste Bench Cans that are generously sized so that big parts can be totally immersed. These Rinse Tanks are manufactured from 18 gauge, lead-free coated steel, and come with a tough powder paint finish. These features give the product durability and chemical resistance.

The cover can be operated with the foot treadle. Thus, you can simultaneously make use of both your hands. Shored up on a strong stand to a height of 845mm, Floor Standing Rinse Tanks can be accessed easily whether standing or seated. When you release the treadle, a pneumatic cylinder keeps the cover from slamming shut instantaneously.

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