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Expanding / Flexible Conveyors

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When moving materials across a wide space, there are a number of different options which might suit the unique needs of your operation. For small distances, a forklift or manpower alone could be enough, but for warehouses that require continuous labour, this method is often unsafe and can be repetitive for workers.

Instead, this material handling situation might be better handled by an expanding conveyor, which lets you easily transport materials, without relying on other, more costly forms of transport.

Expanding Skate and Flexible Roller Conveyors Available at Sitecraft

Expanding conveyors are flexible enough to squeeze into confined spaces, and are designed to be fitted into a variety of different configurations. Their engineering also means that any pallets or goods travelling down the conveyor will immediately adjust to corners or bends, without needing additional supports.

These conveyors can also adjust easily, stretching up to four times their length, depending on the area which needs to be covered. The systems come in a range of different sizes – with fully extended lengths of between 3,700 mm and 7,300 mm.

Sitecraft’s comprehensive range of flexible roller conveyors come in two different designs, made up of either single rollers or rows of skate wheels, depending on the nature of the goods you are transporting. Both of these options offer the flexibility and strength necessary to handle a variety of materials, with the steel rollers supporting 200 kg per metre when in use.

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Sitecraft is Australia’s leading supplier of materials handling and safety equipment. With offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, Sitecraft provides high-quality equipment to warehouses and logistics operations from Victoria to Queensland.

Offering a extensive range of roller and expandable conveyors, Sitecraft’s conveyor system selections are the perfect solution for any workplace. Browse our range of powered conveyors for a more automated system.

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If you’d like assistance selecting an Expanding / Flexible Conveyor or conveyor rollers the Sitecraft industry experts are available to discuss your options and develop the perfect solution for you.

We’re happy to respond to any questions about our diverse range of conveyor parts and conveyor skates, Melbourne and how they can help your business. Get in touch with our team of experts today for a free custom quote, or general advice on the best material handling solutions for your business.

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