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Expanding Roller Conveyor - 610mm Wide
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Expanding Skate Conveyor - 460mm Wide

Conveyors and conveyor systems are vital to a large sector of warehousing, manufacturing, and handling operations in Australia. Modern technology means that businesses can increase capacity, reduce processing times, and keep operational costs to a minimum with the sleek automation of high quality conveyors and conveyor systems.

Sitecraft are the country’s leading materials handling equipment supplier. As such, we’ve developed a range of the best conveyors Australia has to offer. Whatever the use, application, industry, or requirement – we’ve got you covered.

Choose from our comprehensive selection of conveyors including roller conveyor systems, as well as varieties such as expanding conveyors, flexible conveyors, loading dock, pallet, and powered conveyor systems. Not sure which type of conveyor fits the bill? Get in touch with our friendly team and we’ll outline your options, or provide a customised solution that ticks all the boxes.

Sitecraft Conveyors & Conveyor Systems

Sitecraft provides a large range of warehouse conveyor systems for sale in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and other major cities across the country. Our expertise in materials handling and exceptional warehouse facilities mean that we can provide conveyor systems to any production or packaging provider in Australia in a quick, efficient, and seamless manner.

Industries We Service:

As conveyor manufacturers, we can tailor our services to meet the needs of any organisation that requires the seamless automation of a high quality conveyor system. The main sectors that require conveyor equipment include:

  • Agricultural
  • Automotive
  • Bottling
  • Chemicals
  • Computing
  • Electronics
  • Food processing
  • Packaging
  • Pharmaceutical

The Benefits of a Conveyor System

A conveyor system is pretty straightforward to understand – mechanical handling equipment, the conveyor is designed to move materials from one location to another. Conveyors were designed to automate the process of manufacturing, production, and packaging – but what are the other benefits of installing a conveyor system?

Increased efficiency: automating the movement of materials and products dramatically reduces the need for manual labour, increasing efficiency and productivity.

Enhanced safety: conveyor systems reduce the risk of injury from manual handling.

Reduced labour costs: as the need for manual handling decreases, conveyors reduce overall costs involved in labour and manual practices.

Improved accuracy: conveyors and automating the process will reduce the risk of human error, improving overall accuracy and consistency in manufacturing and production.

Versatility: the beauty of modern conveyor equipment is that it can be configured to handle different materials, can be expanded, and can be modified to meet the varying requirements of a business that is growing.

Heavy Duty Roller Conveyor Systems and Gravity Conveyor Manufacturers

Our flexible, expanding conveyors are ideal for warehouse, store, manufacturing, and logistics operations. Choose from our comprehensive selection of conveyors includes roller conveyor systems, as well as varieties such as expanding conveyors, flexible conveyors, loading dock, pallet, and powered conveyor systems.

Expanding, Skate & Roller Conveyors

Our expanding flexible conveyor is great for loading and unloading trucks and shipping containers. It’s also ideal for packaging, shipping, and flexible assembly lines. Featuring heavy-duty construction for use in demanding environments it is available in two widths: 460 mm and 610 mm. The expanding roller conveyor includes self-tracking, adjustable heights, and leg connector brackets that allow for multiple conveyor lengths to be joined together.

Flexible Power Conveyor Roller Systems

Sitecraft powered conveyor systems are available in a variety of widths, weights and lengths and are ideal for multiple uses, including truck loading, packaging, mobile assembly lines, and more. Featuring a continuous drive motor, this conveyor system provides the perfect option when you need to plug in and go.

What’s the Difference Between Belt and Roller Conveyor Systems?

Belt and roller conveyor systems are two of the most widely used within warehouse conveyor systems. A belt conveyor is a continuous belt supported by a slider bed or rollers. Comparitively, a roller conveyor system uses a series of rollers to move materials along.

Both belt and roller systems are used across a wide range of industries and applications, and commonly relied on for heavy, bulky, loose, and packaged materials.

Sitecraft: Brisbane, Sydney & Melbourne’s Leading Conveyor Supplier

If you’d like to learn more about the various conveyor systems available online, contact Sitecraft today to obtain advice and assistance from our friendly team of conveyor experts. You can rely on us to provide helpful advice, as well as a no-obligation free quote.

Get in Touch with the Team at Sitecraft Today

Sitecraft is Australia’s leading supplier of material handling equipment, from New South Wales to Queensland. Providing unmatched service to our valued customers, we have offices located in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane. For more information give our friendly team a call at 1300-363-152 and we’ll be happy to assist you further.

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