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Welcome to Sitecraft’s Pallet Scissor Lift Tables catalogue. Explore a comprehensive range engineered for reliable and efficient lifting operations. With ergonomic features, exceptional construction and a thoughtful design made for pallets, these lift tables can streamline material handling processes in all settings.

The Risks of Manual Material Handling

Repetitive strain injury, or RSI, is a workplace condition that can afflict anyone whose day often consists of repeated movements. When it comes to materials handling, the constant motions involved can leave workers susceptible to RSI.

As an employer or someone in charge of workplace safety, offering an alternative solution that gets the job done without putting workers at risk is important. This is where pallet lift tables can be handy. Available from Sitecraft in various designs and sizes, the pallet lift table (also known as a pallet scissor lift) raises heavy items to a height that the person can safely work at without causing musculoskeletal strain. Depending on the size of the table, they can lift anything from a pallet of stock to a small vehicle. Discover how pallet scissor lifts can make your business operations easier.

View our Quality Selection of Lift Tables for Pallets

Improve processes at your warehouse, workshop, factory or manufacturing plant with our extensive selection of pallet scissor lift tables at Sitecraft. We offer a range of options to suit specific needs, including:

  • Single scissor lift table
  • Low-profile scissor lift table
  • Hydraulic scissor lift tables
  • Stainless steel scissor lift tables

Every pallet scissor lift we have in stock also complies with Australian workplace health and safety regulations, so you can feel confident about its performance and durability.

Order Your Lift Tables Today

With three warehouses across Australia, in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, Sitecraft can deliver pallet scissor lift tables to workplaces nationwide. Browse our range online, or call our friendly sales team on 1300 363 152 to obtain further information about specific models.

And don’t forget, Sitecraft also houses other material handling equipment like pallet trucks and a wide assortment of trolleys — this includes single-deck, warehouse, cage, order-picking and even custom models.

What are the load capacities available with your pallet scissor lift tables?

The range of load capacities for our pallet scissor lift tables starts from 500 kg, extending to 1000 kg, 1500 kg, 2000 kg and reaching up to 4000 kg for heavier lifting requirements. Each model is rigorously tested to withstand a 30% overload, adding an extra layer of safety assurance. However, we advise you to adhere to the rated weight capacity specified for each model to ensure safe and efficient operation long term.

What industries or applications are pallet scissor lifts most suited for?

Pallet scissor lift tables are incredibly versatile, making them well-suited for many industries and applications. They find utility in manufacturing settings, where they facilitate the precise positioning of materials. In warehousing and logistics, they aid in efficiently handling and transferring goods, reducing manual labour and the associated risks. Moreover, they are valuable in retail for stocking shelves and in the automotive sector for component handling and vehicle assembly. Their ability to provide an adjustable height platform is also beneficial in construction and maintenance tasks.

How do I select the right pallet scissor lift table for my operations?

Selecting the right pallet scissor lift table requires a thorough understanding of your operational needs and the specifications of available models. Firstly, determine the maximum load capacity you’ll need based on the heaviest items you plan to handle.

Next, consider the maximum and minimum height requirements to ensure ergonomic and efficient operations. Assess the table dimensions to ensure they fit well within your workspace while accommodating your materials.

Factor in the frequency of use to select a model that can withstand your operational demands. You must also consider any additional features or accessories that could enhance functionality. Lastly, ensure the chosen model complies with the safety standards and regulations relevant to your industry.

What are the key benefits of using pallet lift tables in material handling operations?

Pallet scissor lifts enhance material handling operations by providing adjustable height positioning to reduce manual lifting and bending. This, in turn, minimises the risk of workplace injuries. They streamline workflow, improve efficiency and promote ergonomic practices.

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