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Dangerous Goods Storage & Containment Australia

Our comprehensive range of flammable liquid safety cabinets for sale can be used to safely store flammable and combustible substances and liquids. We also supply a variety of dangerous goods storage cabinets to meet the needs of industry throughout Australia. Other hazardous goods storage solutions include gas bottle/cylinder storage cages, LPG and forklift gas bottle storage and drum spill containment pallets. Our safe storage consultants are located in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. Sitecraft offers an on-site safety audit and inspection service to our valued clients.

Our Dangerous Goods Storage Cabinets

Sitecraft is the industry leader in providing comprehensive solutions for the storage and handling of dangerous goods and chemical substances in Australia. The Storemasta range of flammable liquid internal safety cabinets provides everyday safe storage for most classes of dangerous goods. Our dangerous goods storage cabinets can safely contain chemicals/flammables, corrosives, and toxic and dangerous flammable liquids. Standard features include fully adjustable shelves, smooth action, self-closing and self-latching doors, a patented and trouble-free sequential closing system, and much more. When it comes to manufacturing dangerous goods storage cabinets, quality of build is paramount. The Storemasta range of dangerous goods storage cabinets is an excellent example of a quality product that offers exceptional value for money. To protect against accidental spill and leaks it is important to have the appropriate spill containment and spill kits available in the workplace.

Safe Storage Containers You Can Trust

Our safety cabinet range for sale is suitable for the storage of a range of dangerous substances, including a range of chemicals. We offer Class 3 Flammable Liquid Storage Cabinets, Class 6 Toxic Substance Storage, Class 8 Corrosive Substance Storage Cabinets, Class 5.1 Oxidising Agent storage, and Class 5.2 Organic Peroxide Storage. These options provide safe and effective chemical storage for a range of applications.

Sitecraft’s Heavy Duty Internal Safety Cabinets remain unmatched for strength, durability and unique safety features. Ideal for storage of flammable liquids, these are often used in demanding applications such as mining, defence and heavy engineering workshops. Meanwhile, fully compliant Large Capacity Safety Stores provide users with a space-efficient dangerous goods storage solution. These versatile storage cabinets boast the biggest internal storage capacity for hazardous products on the market.

Storage Cabinet for Corrosive Substances

For the safe storage of corrosive substances, the Sitecraft poly Corrosive Substances Storage cupboard is a non-metallic cabinet designed to withstand the most corrosive Class 8 substances. These corrosive substances storage cabinets for sale, feature dual compartments, enabling incompatible dangerous goods to be stored safely within the same cabinet. They also feature a smart, modern profile that will compliment any institutional or laboratory decor. The range includes 50 litre, Corrosive Substance Storage Cabinets, 140 litre, 2 Door Cabinets, and many more.

Relocatable Storage Options

The Storemasta relocatable bulk dangerous goods stores provide a cost-effective alternative to the expensive and often time-consuming operation associated with building permanent fixed storage solutions. These relocatable large safety stores provide an immediate option for the storage of large quantities of dangerous chemicals and goods. Choose from a large range of standard designs, or alternatively, you can opt to have one purpose-built according to your specific requirements. Customised options include stainless steel construction, shelving compartments, observation panels in doors, decanting systems, intense heat guarding and protection, and eye wash facilities.

Sitecraft also offers small bulk outdoor options from Storemasta for the storage of dangerous goods. These can store 1 to 2 pallets and are available in a number of configurations, including smaller capacity units that are ideal for storing smaller quantities in a rugged and safe outdoor store.

Gas Cylinder Storage Cabinets & Cages

Sitecraft also stocks Storemasta solutions for compliant gas cylinder storage. These gas bottle storage cages include added Occupational Health and Safety features to assist in the safe handling of gas cylinders, including access ramps, adjustable bottle restraints, and trolley options. Heavy-duty LPG gas stores are available to store up to 24 bottles, and Aerosol Storage Cages are also available for the storage of aerosol cans to Australian Standards AS 3833.

For expert advice, or for assistance in choosing a storage option that’s right for you, contact Sitecraft today simply call us on 1300 363 152 or fill out our convenient online form. We provide an Australia wide service for all businesses with offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

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