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Industrial Work Bench

Industrial workshop benches and industrial workbenches both need to have a sturdy structure and the right protection to carry out the tasks they’re designed for. Sitecraft’s range of packing and utility benches boasts rugged materials and clever utility options so workers can get the job done right.

Industrial Workbenches: Built to Last

Manufacturing and maintenance workshops need heavy-duty workbench surfaces that can withstand the tools and work that is carried out in these industries. Sitecraft offers a wide range of durable benchtop surface materials so workers can complete their work safely and efficiently.

For example, the standard steel workbench comes with a 1.2mm galvanised steel top, which can endure heavy objects and intense cutting work, while the utility timber worktop has a 32mm MDF top layer.

Optional Mobility

In busy workplaces, it is often necessary to move the workshop bench for different packing and cutting operations. All Sitecraft packing and utility benches come with optional casters for mobility. This feature transforms these heavy-duty pieces of equipment into versatile, mobile workbenches. The utility portable workbench has built-in castors that come with brakes, so workers can easily anchor the bench for stable work.

A Steel Workbench can Withstand Weight

Packing companies often deal with heavy objects and therefore need a work surface that will not bend out of shape. The galvanised surface of a Sitecraft steel workbench offers ultimate durability, with central stiffeners on the standard and heavy-duty top benches that reinforce their strength and resist large weights.

Variety in Presentation

Sometimes colour matters when adding benches to a workspace. Sitecraft’s utility and packing workshop bench range all come with an optional powder coat finish. This means any bench can fit in with varying workspace themes.

Work Benches with Secondary Shelving

Both Packaging Benches and Workbenches can take up a large amount of space in small workplaces, leaving limited room for storage of materials. Every Sitecraft utility workshop bench features an undershelf, which provides a convenient solution for this issue.

Learn More Today

If you’d like assistance selecting a packing bench or utility bench, or just need help sourcing a handling solution, the Sitecraft industry experts are available to answer any queries you may have. We’re happy to respond to any questions about our diverse range of capable products and how they can help your business. Call us now on 1300 363 152 to obtain a free custom quote on an industrial workbench today.

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