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Welcome to the Sitecraft Australia small parts storage containers product category. There are many small instruments crucial to the overall operation and maintenance of larger pieces of machinery. The solution to finding these small parts is to store them in a logical order, using small parts storage containers and drawers. It’s important to keep these important parts secure, accessible and well-organised to prevent loss or damage as employees use and transport them around the workplace.

Small parts storage made easy

Sitecraft’s plastic small parts storage solutions present many options for safely managing these items.

Moving tools: Transporting items in the workplace can be a tedious task with a large risk of loss. Sitecraft offers bins in a range of sizes and styles to suit many portable storage needs. For example, the large hand grips on Lamson bins make them easy to move when full without spilling any contents. Along with micro bins and utility bins, Lamson bins are designed to be stacked and carried.

Storage separation and organisation: Most workplaces have a wide range of small parts to keep track of, so it is important to keep items properly organised. Storage products like micro bins are versatile and can be attached to a louvre panel so workers can conveniently access parts such as washers and fuses or even small packages. The range of colours and sizes available for these bins makes it easy to sort small parts by type or size. Employees can also use dividers to create separate compartments within a single larger micro bin model.

Moving heavy items: Even small parts can become heavy in bulk and take up space on the warehouse floor. Products like the Sitecraft utility bins solve this problem with a sturdy, lightweight design. These plastic small parts storage containers can even be stacked when not in use to minimise space.

Conclusion: If you’d like assistance selecting a small parts storage system or need help choosing the right handling solution, Sitecraft industry experts are available to answer questions.

We’re happy to respond to any queries about our diverse range of products and discuss how they can help your business. Talk to us today for a free custom quote. You might also like to view our massive range of various plastic storage containers.

You can also buy our products online, allowing for simple and efficient purchases. Or, you can buy plastic small parts storage containers from our Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane warehouses.

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