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Movexx Ride On Tow Tugs

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Sometimes a material handling task is just too much to ask of your staff – or at least – too much to ask without providing some help. That’s where ride-on powered vehicles come into play. With these highly versatile vehicles on-hand in a warehouse or work site, it’s easy to shift heavy materials in large quantities.

The electric ride-on pallet truck and electric tow tugs for sale here with Sitecraft are two highly capable and powerful materials handling solutions. Each has the capacity to produce fast and efficient workflows when operated by a savvy crew.

Ride-On Tow Tugs

A materials handling solution such as a ride on tug tow is not to be underestimated. There is a range of advantages to be drawn from a manoeuvrable tow tug (or small fleet!).

Advantages like a tight turning radius offer significant opportunities to generate high pace operating patterns in areas that are just too tight for larger pallet trucks and forklifts. In settings where level changes can be handled separately, a ride-on tow tug can make light work of large shipments. Manoeuvring through gaps that you simply won’t be able to on larger machinery.

The pace is another key strength of ride on tow tugs. Once materials have been loaded on board, drivers are still able to travel at speeds of 5.8kph, making the truck useful in larger warehouses where time is always a factor. Once the materials have been unloaded, turnarounds can be made quickly as the speed increases to 6.2kph.

The small size means it’s easy to step aside when many vehicles are operating. In addition, drivers don’t have to worry about back strain or other physical injuries as a result of lifting loads that are too heavy.

Electric Tow Tugs

If you’d like assistance selecting a ride on powered vehicles, including our electric tow tugs, or need help sourcing a handling solution, the Sitecraft industry experts are available to answer any queries you may have. With warehouses in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, we’ll have you covered for tow tugs and powered materials handling equipment. Enquire today about our range of electric-powered ride on vehicles or electric tow tugs. Give us a call on 1300 363 152.

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