Stainless Steel Compact Lifter

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The Logistec compact lifter is the ideal choice when high hygiene is required. They feature high IP ratings allowing regular wash down.

Compact Lifter Model Range

Logistec compact lifter is available in two standard models with maximum lifting capacities of 150 kgs. and 300 kgs. along with a variety of frame configurations and a full custom design service making the compact work positioner an ideal choice to handle most lifting applications.

Interchangeable Attachments 

With over 50 standard interchangeable attachments the Logistec compact lifter can be used to handle a wide range of products including:

  • Drum and Barrels
  • Boxes and Containers
  • Components & Assemblies
  • Working Positioning
  • Tooling
Compact and Manoeuvrable 

With a small footprint and easy operation, The logistec compact lifter can be used in the confined workspaces and narrow production lines found in many of today’s modern manufacturing environments.

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