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Sitecrafts revolutionary new ActiSweep V7-1800 forklift mounted broom provides fast and efficient sweeping for a wide range of applications. Indispensable to fast and effective cleanup operations across manufacturing, mining, construction, agriculture and recycling depots, these brooms can be mounted to forklifts, bobcats, front end loaders or any other powered industrial equipment.

Suitable for sweeping indoors as well as outdoors, these brooms can easily sweep irregular surfaces like gravel, driveways and turf etc. They are both practical and economical and are virtually maintenance-free. The extra-tough brushes provide impressive sweeping power and strong resistance to wear and tear.

As part of a broader range of forklift and crane attachments, you can get your business equipped with a solution like the Actisweep with Sitecraft. Just the solution to make short work of large quantities of heavy materials including; snow, sludge, building materials, bark, wood shavings, grain, fertilizer, crushed materials, shredded scrap and recycling materials with ease.

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Sitecraft is where you’ll find the materials handling solutions you need to take your business forward. A trusted name that warehousing operations all throughout Australia have come to rely on – you won’t find yourself having to look far to find what you’re after.

With a national footprint, and warehouses in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. There isn’t a material handling set-up that we can’t facilitate. Look to us for the high calibre of customer service and support your organisation deserves.

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Reach out to the team at Sitecraft today to find out more about the products and solutions we can provide to your business. The utility of a forklift broom attachment is only one piece of the puzzle.

Our team is always keen to have the chat about how we at Sitecraft can help you get your business working fast, safe and efficient. Get in touch by calling 1300 363 152 today or fill out a contact form today.

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