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Our Product Range

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Wide range of trolleys, hand trucks & carts for all industries and applications.

Platform & Multi Deck Trolleys, Hospitality Carts, Office, Library Trolleys.

Pallet Jack, Pallet Handling Lifting

Pallet Handling & Lifting

Pallet handling and lifting equipment for safer and more efficient workplaces.

Scissor Lift Tables, Walkie Stackers. Pallet Trucks and Pallet Turntables.

Wheelie Bin Lifters, Wheelie Bin Tippers For Sale

Wheelie Bin Lifters & Bin Tippers

Sitecraft bin tippers & bin lifters are used extensively for tipping waste products.

Range includes Dumpmaster Wheelie Bin Tippers & Mega Dumper.

Tow Tugs For Sale; Electric Tow Tugs

Electric Tow Tugs

Tow Tugs are in industries like food processing, hospitals, airports & manufacturing.

Pedestrian Powered Tugs, Ride-on Powered Vehicles and more.

Conveyors, Scissor Lift Pallet Lifters, Pallet Inverters

Conveyors & Pallet Handling

Conveyors & pallet handling equipment for all industrial applications.

Hydraulic Scissor Lift Tables, Conveyors, Palift Lifters, Pallet Inverters.

Dangerous Goods Storage Containers, Cabinets

Dangerous Goods Storage

Specialised products for dangerous goods storage cabinets and containment.

Safety Storage Cabinets, Dangerous, Goods Stores, Drum Bunds, Spill Kits.

Buy Forklift Accessories & Forklift Attachments

Forklift Attachments

Comprehensive selection of versatile forklift attachments for use with forklifts.

Crane Jibs, Container Ramps, Pallet Hooks, Fork Slippers, Safety Cages.

Modular Work Benches, Tool Storage For Sale

Factory Equipment

Equipment for production/assembly lines, manufacturing & maintenance applications.

Modular Work Benches, Tool Storage, Industrial Seating, Safety Matting.

Warehouse Ladders, Safety Steps, Platform Ladders

Access Equipment

Safe access products for warehouse, construction and store applications.

Warehouse Ladders, Safety Steps, Platform Ladders, Work Platforms.

• Trolleys and Hand Trucks: Sitecraft is Australia’s leading supplier of trolleys, hand trucks and carts. Our trolley brands include Prestar, Rubbermaid, Logistec, Magliner, Ruxxac and the popular Tiger Tuff trolley. Our trolleys are widely used in office, mail and storerooms, order picking and warehouse applications. Stainless steel trolley options are available for use in healthcare, hospitality, food and pharmaceutical manufacturing. The popular folding Clax Cart folding trolley is widely used for many material-handling applications. Whether you’re wanting to buy pallet trolleys, or simply searching for the best hand trolley in Australia, the chances are you’ll find the specific trolley to suit your business on our website. And, if you’re wanting to buy trolleys online, you’ve landed on the right page. Sitecraft has a massive range of trolleys for sale. Hand trolleys and folding hand trolleys are just the beginning. View our range of trolleys and hand trucks. You’ll be amazed by the variety of trolleys we have for sale. We make it our job, to make your job, easier.

• Pallet Handling and Lifting: Looking for material handling equipment? From pallet jacks to walkie stackers, through to pallet lifters, pallet trucks and pallet stackers, we can satisfy your pallet lifting and pallet handing equipment needs. In terms of lifting equipment, Quik Stack Smart Stackers are an ideal solution to many manual handling issues especially during the unloading and loading of product in packaging and production processes. The popular Palift also helps provide safer loading of skids. This is an innovative pallet lifting equipment product featuring springs in between the rotating top and the base. This allows the load to automatically rise and lower during packing and unpacking operations.

To satisfy your heavy duty pallet lifting equipment needs, hydraulic powered scissor lift tables are used to handle a wide range of weights easily and safely. Paldisc and Palring turntables are widely used for applications requiring goods to be rotated by hand. You can also buy pallet inverters at Sitecraft. We have both manual/hydraulic and battery-powered skid lifters and tilters for elevating product to ergonomically correct heights. We have numerous pallet jack options available these include narrow, low height, wide, high capacity and quick lift models. Pallet jacks are available in anti-corrosion stainless steel or galvanized for use in corrosive environments. Powered and electric pallet jacks are popular in larger warehouse applications where a powered solution is required. Of course, at Sitecraft you can also buy pallet jacks online. We really are the pallet handling solutions experts that businesses trust when buying safe handling equipment.

• Tow Tugs and Powered Vehicles: Sitecraft is a specialist supplier of powered industrial vehicles and tow tugs. Our range includes ride-on and pedestrian operated tow tugs, tow tractors and trailers and powered personnel carriers. These electric/battery powered vehicles are used extensively in manufacturing, logistics, mining and general industrial applications. Sitecraft is the exclusive Australian reseller of the the popular European manufactured Movexx powered tow tugs. These durable, reliable and well-respected tow tugs are available in various configurations and capacities, including stainless steel models for use in food and clean room applications. While you’re on our website, take a few moments to view our website’s Product Video page. You’ll see our Movexx powered tow tugs in action. Tow tugs are yet another way Sitectaft makes materials handling quick and easy.

• Dangerous Goods Storage and Containment: Spill containment and dangerous goods storage products assist organisation comply with legislative requirements covering the safe storage and handling of dangerous goods. Spill containment systems include: dangerous goods storage containers, drum bunds, spill control pallets and IBC bunds for the storage of IBC and BulkiBox containers. The spill containment caddy is a solution for the safe handling, decanting, and containment of 200 litre drums. Bulk containment systems are ideal for the safe storage of IBC units. These are available with covers for outdoor use and dispensing trays for safe decanting. Spill kits are ideal for rapid deployment in manufacturing environments warehouses; service stations transport depots and retail sites.

Our dangerous goods storage solutions include spill response equipment. Available in many different sizes, spill response equipment is important in the event of accidental leakage or spillage of oils and chemicals. Flammable liquid storage cabinets for the safe storage of flammables come in a range of sizes and capacities. These dangerous goods storage solutions range from indoor safety cabinets to much larger outdoor bulk dangerous goods stores. These provide a cost effective and efficient alternative to costly building of permanent stores. Sitecraft also has a selection of gas cylinder storage. These are suitable for storage of forklift LPG bottles, industrial compressed gas cylinders and safe aerosol storage. We can help you keep your employees, customers and the environment safe, with our dangerous goods storage solutions. Learn how, call Sitecraft today.

• Materials Handling Equipment: Our materials handling equipment includes Drum handling equipment. This covers equipment to lift and rotate drums and vessels, cradles and decanting equipment. Our drum handling equipment is available in hydraulic, battery-powered and air operation, which is especially designed for units operating in dangerous environments.

Our cranes and hoists include chain and lever block, which are ideal for a multitude of lifting, tensioning and securing applications. Electric chain hoists are available with capacities from 250 kg up to 5 tonnes. Sitecraft is a major supplier of forklift attachments. These include tilting crane and fixed crane jibs, pallet hooks, forklift slippers/extension tines, roll lifting prongs and container ramps.

Sitecraft can truly satisfy your material handling equipment needs. In fact, we also sell conveyors and conveyor systems. We know how to make light work of heavy lifting, with our extensive range of manual handling equipment. If you’re looking to buy manual handling equipment, think Sitecraft. We are Melbourne’s, Sydney’s and Brisbane’s one stop shop for almost anything to do with materials handling and lifting.

• Recycling and Waste Management: There’s much more to Sitecraft than materials handling equipment, dangerous goods storage, hand trucks and moving trolleys. In fact, we also sell a wide variety of wheelie bin lifters and bin tippers. The safe handling and tipping of waste and rubbish is a significant issue in industry. Sitecraft wheelie bin tippers and lifters provide a safe and easy solution to many waste handling issues. Dumpmaster bin tippers are able to empty wheelie bins from floor level into larger waste and rubbish skips easily and effortlessly at the push of a button. Our Mega Dumper is a custom built bin tipper for use in food processing, bakeries, meat processing and wineries. These bin lifters and bin tippers can be used for tipping raw materials, ingredients and produce during manufacturing processes. The Sitecraft bin lifter and tipper range also includes bin lifters, forklift tipping bins and self dumping waste bins.

• Plastic Storage Containers: Yes, you can buy much more than materials lifting equipment at Sitecraft. Purchase from our massive range of plastic storage containers, bins and buckets, as well as cases and wire storage solutions.

Celebrating over 20 years as an industry leading supplier of Materials Handling and Safety Equipment. With offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, Sitecraft has established a reputation for integrity and total customer satisfaction. Today, Sitecraft supplies materials handling products and services to many of Australia’s leading organisations, including those that operate in the mining, manufacturing, defence, logistics and warehousing sectors. We also supply pallet jacks, pallet racking, forklifts and wheels and castors. In addition, our trolley sales continue to grow at an astonishing rate. For this reason, our range of hand trolleys, folding hand trucks and folding hand trolleys continues to expand.

With a growing team of material handling specialists, Sitecraft has both the industry experience and the expertise to design, engineer and install turnkey material handling solutions. In addition to our custom materials handling installations, we have a large inventory of material handling products and safety equipment that is available for immediate dispatch.

Let our experienced, dedicated and trusted materials handling team assist you with your next project. Our people make us different; we are dedicated to exceeding our customers’ expectations.

Our culture of continuous improvement provides a strong foundation, which enables us to deliver enduring results. We pride ourselves on being able to build and maintain long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients. Sitecraft has a collaborative working ethic that supports and promotes teamwork, fosters innovation, respect, transparency and trust. Sitecraft materials handling solutions and equipment have office locations in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Here are our materials handling equipment office locations:

Melbourne, Victoria – Materials Handling Main Office

Sydney, New South Wales – Materials Handling Office

Brisbane, Queensland – Materials Handling Office

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