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Pallet Bunding - Bunds & Spill Containment

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Sitecraft offers a comprehensive range of pallet bunding and spills containment products for sale to assist you in meeting the regulatory compliance standards around the safe storage and handling of liquids and chemicals in the workplace. Our 4 drum bunded spill pallets and spill control solutions are cost-effective, space-saving, and made from quality materials. They’re also manufactured in compliance with Australian Standards, ensuring high durability.

Our chemical bund and spill containment bund are constructed from tough polyethylene, ensuring they won’t rust or corrode. They can also be relied on to withstand the knocks and scuffs of the industrial environment.

Why do you need spill containment pallet bunds in the workplace?

An environmental compliance program focusing on the activity of liquid chemical storage, handling and spill management has been completed by the NSW, EPA. This activity occurs on a large number of licensed premises covering a range of industry types scheduled under the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997.

Some of the facilities that should comply with the bunding requirements include;

chemical storage facilities
pesticide storage facilities
petroleum storage facilities
electrical transformers containing oil and/or PCBs
facilities used to transfer stored liquids (such as transport facilities)
drum storage areas, either temporary or permanent
processing areas.

A number of major environmental incidents have been attributed to poor chemical management practices. In addition, a number of recent prosecutions have been related to chemical transfer and storage.
Previous audit programs have shown the need for improvements in licensee awareness of the risks relating to the management of chemicals.
The program will have wider applicability to non-scheduled sites, and be used to identify some cumulative impacts on the environment.
There is a range of Australian Standards, Regulations and industry Codes of Practice dealing with the storage and handling of liquid chemicals, that were compared and appraised.
The program allows for knowledge sharing with other regulators such as local councils, SafeWork NSW (formerly WorkCover) and NSW Department of Industry.
Search for Environment Protection Licences undertaking the activity of chemical storage, handling and spill management in the public register.

Please see;

Secondary containment protection

To protect the environment secondary containment protection bunding/bunded pallets is normally required when storing chemicals and liquids in the workplace. Furthermore, many liquids may be classified as dangerous goods. If this is the case the relevant requirements of the Dangerous Goods (Storage and Handling) Regulations 2012 and Australian Standards 1940:2004 – The Storage and Handling of Flammable and Combustible Liquids must be followed.

Secondary containment bunds/bunded pallets are designed to protect the environment from hazards by containing spillages and leaks from liquids being used in industrial processes and being stored. As well as protecting the environment pallet bunding is often used for product recovery and production segregation.

Low Profile Accumulation Centres

We stock a wide range of low profile accumulation centres, perfect for containing spills that may occur while filling and decanting from drums. With both small and large units to choose from, including units that can hold 8 drums, we’re sure to have a solution to fulfil your needs.

Bunded Pallets, Trays & Spill Bins

Our bunded safety pallets Australia and trays are ideal for holding either 4 or 2 drums and cans in a variety of sizes. From specialised dispensing trays that provide spill containment when you have to decant the liquid from drums, right through to spill bins and low profile chemical bunds that can hold up to 4 drums, we stock a number of adequate solutions to satisfy all your spill control requirements.

Drum Stackers, Cradles & Storage Units

We stock a number of drum storage solutions, including stackers, cradles and bibs. From multi-purpose drum stackers that provide efficient drum storage and spill containment, to drum cradles that can accommodate most steel or plastic 205-litre drums – including those holding corrosive substances – you’re sure to find an ideal solution. We can also provide drum bibs to contain spills, as well as durable outdoor drum storage units with roll-up covers to keep contents dry and safe.

Other Bunding Products & Spill Control Solutions

In addition to our bunded pallets and bunding spill bins and drum storage units, Sitecraft can also supply a wide range of other products. Our comprehensive range includes utility trays, IBC storage bunds, spill scooters, splash trays, spill guards, spill carts, bench top trays, and much more. Browse our complete range online today!

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