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Sitecraft is a leading, nationally recognised Industrial workbench supplier, equipping traders and businesses from Melbourne to Brisbane with modular workbenches that meet the needs of any industrial or commercial application.

Whether you are looking for a stainless steel workbench for food preparation, a timber top workbench for order picking, or a steel workbench for heavy-duty manufacturing, Sitecraft have a solution for every workplace.

Offering a unique range of industrial workbenches, Sitecraft are renowned for their quality, strength and durability. High-quality Australian made products are key for workplace safety and increasing productivity and wellbeing in your workplace. Sitecraft’s heavy-duty industrial workshop benches are manufactured in Australia in accordance with stringent quality standards, ensuring durability and longevity despite the heavy wear and tear of a busy workplace.

Customisable Workshop Bench Tops

From Victoria to Queensland, whether it be food processing, trade work, maintenance, or warehouse packing – strong and durable surfaces to work off are crucial. The heavy-duty workshop benches from Sitecraft cater to all requirements, with the ability to customise your surface to better suit a range of different tasks.

The wooden workbench range includes 32mm MDF timber tops, which come with either a laminate or lacquer coating, making them ideal for jobs involving metal tools. The steel workbench range comes standard with 2mm reinforced steel tops and extra heavy-duty 3mm steel tops, providing a high strength option for any manufacturing situation.

Our industrial workbenches can be purchased as a portable workbench on wheels allowing use as a mobile maintenance workstation. Benches are also available with height-adjustable feet for levelling and can even be fitted with a vice, allowing for even more versatility as a tool workbench.

Industrial Workbench Storage & Security

When workers are at their stations every day, it’s convenient and efficient to have tools and materials stored close by for easy access. Our industrial workbench range comes with many helpful storage and security additions to keep important items accessible.

Maintenance workbenches with drawers are now a common workplace requirement. Our range of drawers and cupboards can be fitted on both the wooden workbench and the steel workbench range with ease. Lockable industrial cupboards and doors can be fixed to a bench for quick placement and the safe storage of tools.

There are also extra shelves available for cupboards, as well as optional under shelves that can provide additional surface area. These features make our workshop benches particularly useful for keeping bulkier items out of the way and neatly out of sight. Rear shelves are also available to create your own individual tool workbench, ideal for hanging up wood and metalworking tools, in addition to keeping the workspace tidy.

Stainless Steel Workbench Options

Many workplaces like hospitals, laboratories and food processing plants require durable and hygienic surfaces for research, washing or food preparation. Sitecraft’s stainless steel workbench equipment includes a large range of options including sinks, cupboards, shelves and trolleys.

These are easy to clean, and those with reinforced under shelves provide additional storage options for equipment and lockable drawers can provide a secure spot for smaller items.

Industrial Workbench Ergonomics & Safety

Years of workplace health and safety research have determined the ideal height for a workbench or workstation to ensure optimal productivity and most importantly, employee safety. The key to this is ergonomics,

This height-adjustable workbench range includes many ergonomic options such as manual or electric height adjustable tops, footrest undershelves, monitor stands, cable trays or portable workbenches on wheels. For employers, high costs that stem from absenteeism, lost work time and production inefficiencies can be dramatically reduced by choosing the correct industrial workbench for your workplace.

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If you require assistance selecting between our range of workbench options, a friendly member of our team would be happy to answer any queries you may have.

Simply give us a call on 1300 363 152, or contact us through our online contact form. We have offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, providing service Australia-wide. Browse our range of roller conveyors, ideal for manufacturing and warehouse operations.

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