Mobile Electric Lifter – 150/300kg Capacity

Mobile Electric Lifter - 150/300kg Capacity

The Multi-Lift is a high-quality compact mobile lifter with a battery powered lift. It is designed to suit a range of tool attachments that provide solutions for a multitude of handling issues. The Multi-Lift and/or its attachments can also be custom designed. Attachments can be quickly changed if required so a single lifter can be used with multiple attachments for different applications. Often used for reel / roll lifting & inverting, drum handling & tipping 

Material: Grey Powdercoated Steel
Lift Capacity: 150/300kg @ 500mm Load Center
Lift Speed: 65mm/second
Controls: Hand Held Pendant on spiral cable
Electrical Security: E-Stop with Twist action
Battery Powered: With On Board Charger
Specifications above are standard, normally these units are manufactured to clients specifications.
Optional quick change attachments available for roll / reel lifting, drum handling & tipping etc. 
Product Code Product Name Price
49411030 Mobile Electric Lifter 150kg Capacity - 2000mm High
49411031 Mobile Electric Lifter 150kg Capacity - 2200mm High
49411032 Mobile Electric Lifter 300kg Capacity - 2000mm High
49411033 Mobile Electric Lifter 300kg Capacity - 2200mm High
49411062 Lifting Platform Attachment
49411054 Single Spindle Attachment
49411058 Cradle Attachment
49411061 V - Cradle with 360 Degree Rotation
49411066 External Electric Clamp and Rotate Attachment
49411069 Electric Clamp Attachment (No Rotation)
49411090 Roll / Reel Turner Manual Internal Grip & Rotate Attachment
49411078 Electric Roll / Reel Turner Internal Grip & Rotate Attachment
49411056 Single Spindle Attachment with Rollers
49411063 Pallet Fork Attachment
49411064 Jib Arm Attachment