Safety, Security and Barriers

Safety and security are the two of the most important aspects of any work environment. Sitecraft supplies a comprehensive range of products and equipment for use in a wide range of industries with our wide selection of products; you can get customised safety and security solutions for your business. Our safety and security products include Pedestrian control, Queue control, Port-a-guards, event fencing, bollards, speed humps, posts, rails and mirrors.

Our range of Q-Control equipment includes equipment like Q-Control plus post and base, sign holder for Q-Sign range, wall bracket, Q- Control rope and Q-Control post and base. These products are ideal for use in hotels, hospitals, theatres, reception halls, clubs etc. They have a stainless steel look and come with quality ropes.

Our wall mounts can provide excellent safety to workers in warehouses and docks as these come as retract-belt wall mount and retracta-belt magna-mount. These wall mounts are available in different lengths and therefore are useful for various different applications.

For road safety, we offer slo-motion compliance, traffic cones and barrier bars. The slo-motion compliance is made up of polyethylene material which makes it strong and long lasting. It is anti-fading and anti-rusting. The high visibility PVC traffic cones are highly durable.

In our endeavour to fulfill the safety and security requirements of industries across the board, we offer a comprehensive range of products. These products include wheel stops for parking lots, trolleys and forklifts, channel rails that separate forklift drive and pedestrian areas, event chains, square bollards, pallet racking guards and a variety of mirrors.

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