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The utility bin range offers a cost effective, space saving solution for the storage and handling of a wide range of component parts. They are light in weight, yet strong enough to give a long service life in tough manufacturing, assembly line and engineering applications. Internal divider options give maximum storage flexibility and strong, integral handgrips make for easy handling.


  • Strong and durable, yet light in weight
  • Robust design with integral handgrips
  • Easy-to-change labeling facility
  • Can stack or nest
  • A choice of internal divider systems enables effective storage of a wide range of components from small to medium size


Model Description Capacity (Litres)External Dimensions(mm)Internal Dimensions(mm)Net Weight (kg) QTY
8841017 Utility Bins 2.6 324 x 105 x 100 290 x 92 x 98 0.431
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8841018 Utility Bins 5.4 324 x 203 x 100 290 x 190 x 98 0.622
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8841019 Utility Bins 3.5 424 x 105 x 100 390 x 92 x 98 0.503
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8841020 Utility Bins 7.3 424 x 203 x 100 390 x 190 x 98 0.725
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