Navigator Mobile Warehouse Ladder

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The Navigator features an ergonomically designed lift and steer control eliminating the need for springs. The control raises the unit to the mobile position and also provides easy steering for relocation. Release of the control by the operator automatically returns Navigator to the default stationary mode. In the stationary mode, the unit is very stable with all four feet remaining in floor contact. All skating and instability associated with designs utilising springs is eliminated. Weight shift as the operator moves about the platform has no effect on stability. With the Lift and Steer control actuated, the operator is positioned to allow a normal walking step, and the unit is moved quickly with minimal effort. In the mobile mode, Navigator relocates to a new position in less than half the time of comparable products. The lifting system also provides a mechanical advantage allowing the platform to transport items about the floor, which may eliminate the need for a separate trolley and the load transfer time. Navigator is supplied with two sets of Platform Safety Rails which enables set up from a choice of three configurations to provide a safe working rail height for many applications, and is designed to meet the requirements of AS/NZS 1892.1:1996.


  • No springs - eliminates skating and improves stability
  • Lift and steer control - delivers fast relocation and enables use as a platform trolley
  • Four swivel castors - allows multi directional movement and confined space navigation
  • Industrial standard - complies with authority requirements


Model Description Base Length(mm)Base Width(mm)Platform Height (mm)Platform Length(mm) QTY
2681018 Navigator Mobile Warehouse Ladder 2065 995 2865 720
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2681021 Navigator Mobile Warehouse Ladder 2195 1035 3155 720
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2681024 Navigator Mobile Warehouse Ladder 2325 1075 3440 720
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2681027 Navigator Mobile Warehouse Ladder 2455 1115 3725 720
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2681030 Navigator Mobile Warehouse Ladder 2585 1155 4015 720
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2681033 Navigator Mobile Warehouse Ladder 1290 755 1145 720
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2681036 Navigator Mobile Warehouse Ladder 1420 795 1435 720
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2681039 Navigator Mobile Warehouse Ladder 1550 835 1720 720
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2681042 Navigator Mobile Warehouse Ladder 1680 875 2005 720
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2681045 Navigator Mobile Warehouse Ladder 1810 915 2295 720
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2681048 Navigator Mobile Warehouse Ladder 1935 955 2580 720
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