Rolling Ladders

The Rolling Ladder is unique with its generous sized steps, making it more a stairway than a ladder.  It also features vertical back and sides rather than slanted sides, allowing it to be placed right alongside an object.  The Rolling Ladder sits on four wheels for mobility, two of them swivelling.  To deter an operator from mounting the ladder when the wheels are active, the swivel wheels only deploy when the bottom step is tilted back out-of-use.  Once the ladder is in position, the operator simply pushes the bottom step back into position and the caster wheels retract.  Heavy duty zinc-plated steel construction offers a long service life and customisation is available with this product.  Common customisations include a stair-top gate, a gate at back of platform to allow step thru, and a custom work tray on the platform.  Fold out stability arms are supplied on ladders above 9 steps.  Rolling Ladders are made here in Australia to Australian Standard AS/NZS1892.1:1996.

Capacity(kg): 150
Platform Dimensions(mm): 735L x 810W
Assembly Option: Available (extra charges apply)
Product Code Product Name Base Dimensions (mm)Platform Height (mm) Price
1961004 2-Step Rolling Ladder 975L x 810W  470 
1961005 3-Step Rolling Ladder 1105L x 810W  705 
1961006 4-Step Rolling Ladder 1295L x 810W  940 
1961007 5-Step Rolling Ladder 1467L x 810W  1175 
1961008 6-Step Rolling Ladder 1645L x 810W  1410 
1961009 7-Step Rolling Ladder 1820L x 810W  1650 
1961010 8-Step Rolling Ladder 1990L x 810W  1880 
1961011 9-Step Rolling Ladder 2155L x 810W  2130 
1961012 10-Step Rolling Ladder 2320L x 810W  2380 
1961013 11-Step Rolling Ladder 2485L x 810W  2630 
1961014 12-Step Rolling Ladder 2650L x 810W  2880 


Product Code 1961004 1961005 1961006 1961007 1961008 1961009 1961010 1961011 1961012 1961013 1961014
Product Name 2-Step Rolling Ladder 3-Step Rolling Ladder 4-Step Rolling Ladder 5-Step Rolling Ladder 6-Step Rolling Ladder 7-Step Rolling Ladder 8-Step Rolling Ladder 9-Step Rolling Ladder 10-Step Rolling Ladder 11-Step Rolling Ladder 12-Step Rolling Ladder
Base Dimensions (mm) 975L x 810W 1105L x 810W 1295L x 810W 1467L x 810W 1645L x 810W 1820L x 810W 1990L x 810W 2155L x 810W 2320L x 810W 2485L x 810W 2650L x 810W
Platform Height (mm) 470 705 940 1175 1410 1650 1880 2130 2380 2630 2880