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There’s no doubt, the Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) of your employees must be taken seriously. Not only for the health and safety of your workers, but to protect your business from litigation. For such a simple product idea, anti-fatigue mats are an outstanding product, capable of maintaining workers productivity during long periods of standing.  Anti-fatigue mats provides a return on investment when your employees occupy the same space for long periods of time. It is over this period of time when the number of hazards increase. The same applies to anti-slip mats. Think about this: Factory and warehouse floors are designed for durability, not comfort. This can make them very unpleasant to stand on for long periods of time.

To counter injuries caused by standing, there are a range of anti-fatigue mats and anti-slip mats available from Sitecraft. These anti-fatigue and anti-slip mat solutions offer you the most effective options to support your staff and prevent injuries from long spells of standing up.

All of our anti-fatigue mats and anti-slip mats are designed to be safe for any work environment, with large pores to make cleaning easier. Thanks to these features, and their sturdy rubber design, anti-fatigue mats can be employed in any work space, including clean rooms, food preparation areas and wet spaces.

These features on the mat surface also make it less likely that your staff will fall or have an accident while using these areas, thanks to the added tread underfoot.

With large suction cups on the underside, these mats can also cling to your flooring, providing minimum movement no matter what area you are working in. Larger mats also feature special edges so that they are less likely to shift and can easily have goods or machinery used in the same space.

If your workers are spending a lot of time on their feet, think about how Sitecraft’s range of anti-fatigue matting and anti-slip matting can make their workspace safer and more comfortable. You’ll be rewarded with productivity, which can be sustained over a longer period of time.

If you’d like assistance with selecting an anti-fatigue mat or need help sourcing a handling solution, the Sitecraft industry experts are available to answer any queries you may have.

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