Spring Pallet Lifters & Tilters

The spring pallet lifter from Sitecraft is an ergonomic device for handling heavy pallets in factories and warehouses.The spring loaded pallet lift table uses springs that are calibrated to your specific weight requirements to automatically raise and lower the load depending on the weight of the pallet. These innovative pallet lifting devices keep the operator in an upright position, minimising the instances of back injury.

Manual handling in the workplace is a common cause of injury and stress. The most common causes are awkward postures when lifting, repetitive movements, especially when lifting loads and over-exertion. These causes of injury place the spine in an abnormal position, muscles and ligaments stretch causing back pain and injury.

Our range of spring loaded pallet lift tables are designed to help eliminate the harmful repetitive motions of bending, reaching and twisting. The spring pallet lifters feature a combination of heavy duty springs along with a gas strut shock absorber. This  automatically adjusts the top layer of the pallet to the safe lifting zone (shoulders to waist) helping reduce worker injury.

The pallet spring lift table also features a rotating top which allows the pallet to be rotated safely and easily through 360 degrees. This makes loading and unloading of pallets safer, reducing the risk of twisting and reaching. A strong wide base provides stability including fork pockets for easy and quick relocation by forklift.

Features of our Pallet Spring Lifts

The Spring Loaded Pallet Lifter and Tilter also has available a mobile kit that allows for easy relocation of the unit. The kit comes with an additional base frame, heavy duty castors, and removable towing handle. These items make relocation very easy and safe, and each kit can be used to relocate multiple spring pallet lifters.

These innovative devices are widely used in manufacturing and production areas, packaging and assembly lines and in general logistics applications.

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