Battery Electric Trailer Movers

Battery Electric Trailer Movers

Sitecraft is a market leading supplier
of battery Trailer movers

Sitecraft can help if you’re looking for electric trailer tugs and movers for your business. We supply tailored solutions to meet all operational requirements. Look to us for both standard and customised equipment that is made to the highest standards. Get in touch with our friendly team to find out more about our design and manufacture capabilities.

Heavy Duty Tow Tugs
Heavy Duty Tow Tugs
Heavy Duty Tow Tugs

Heavy-duty builds made
to exact standards

Sitecraft battery electric trailers and caravan movers are manufactured in Europe to exacting standards with an extra heavy-duty structure. Extra stability is gained from dual sets of heavy-duty front wheels which also ensure optimum manoeuvrability in all work spaces. Custom tow hooks and hitches are designed and manufactured to meet every customer’s specific requirements.

Smart control units
to improve performance

A smart control unit monitors the motor to ensure it provides trouble-free service and it flags an alarm when service is due. The control unit displays fault codes to simplify any diagnosis of faults. It can also send the tug into limp mode if it detects a potentially dangerous fault and this function can also be set if service is overdue.

Ergonomic designs for
added safety

Our electric trailer tugs and movers are ergonomically designed to improve safety and efficiency. This means that workers can transport heavy loads without risk of injury to themselves or stock. Whether you’re moving heavy stock or hazardous materials, we can provide the equipment you need to complete the job without concern.

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