Air Operated Pallet Positioner – EZE Loader

Premium Features

EZE Loaders are true ergonomic tools. They have no mechanical springs and are designed to automatically raise and lower pallets during loading or unloading and allow easy pallet rotation so the operator does not have to reach or strain. As the load changes, the EZE-Loader automatically adjusts, keeping the top of the load at a convenient working height.

EZE Loader is fork liftable without the need of an additional option. No fork pockets on sides of base frame that can be a potential pinch point or tripping hazard. 775mm raised height places the load at a convenient height for maximum loading comfort, safety and efficiency. Location of air valves (2) and pressure gauge at end of unit provides protection and easy accessibility. The EZE Loader is self contained and does not require a constant air supply. Simple adjustments of weight capacities are made with the bleed valve pictured above. As load is applied, the pallet level adjusts in order to maintain a convenient working height. Fully loaded pallet lowers to 222mm, allowing for convenient load removal by forklift.

Spring Pallet Lifters Tilters
Travel (mm)
Capacity (kg)
Height (mm)
113 to 1814
267 to 775

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