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4.75 Tonne Tilting Forklift Jib – Long

Code: 3001211
The 4.75 Tonne Tilt Jib (Long) is the most versatile Forklift Jib attachment in our range, allowing extra height to 2.4 metres, with a 3.59 metre reach when fully extended. This slip-on attachment is held to the Forklift by a safety chain. The Jibs overall length when closed is 2.16 metres. The standard finish is Zinc.
Note: The lift capacities stated are a structural rating for the jib only, and make no claim as to the suitability of the forklift. Actual forklift capacity may be less than the structural capacity of the jib. Check with the forklift supplier for actual working capacities.In accordance with AS2359.1, when lifting with a jib attachment, the net lifting capacity should be 0.8 times the rating of the forklift, to allow for a swinging load.
CodeDescriptionSafe Working Load(Kg)Price
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