Beer Keg Trolleys

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Code: 4801001

Beer Keg Trolleys make lifting and transporting kegs of beer
easy.  They are a safe and efficient
solution that helps protect staff from injury with an ergonomically designed
handle that minimises stress and strain on your back and allows you to move
kegs with just one hand.

Choose between the Original Beer Keg Trolley which is great
for use on smooth even surfaces or the All-Terrain Beer Keg Trolley which is ideal
on uneven surfaces such as lawn, bluestone, gravel and even stairs.

Code Description Load Capacity (kg) Net Weight (kg) Price Buy
4801001 Original Beer Keg Trolley 100 5.5  $516.60 (ex GST)
4801002 All-Terrain Beer Keg Trolley 200  $591.30 (ex GST)